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These are links related to Presuppositional apologetics (Van Tillian apologetics, Covenantal apologetics, etc) from around the World Wide Web between February 21st-28th, 2014.

What links were you blessed by?  Do share with us!

1.) Keller Quits God!–Ben Holloway on Tim Keller’s apologetic methodology.

2.) Transcendental Analysis Defeats the Anti-theism of Bart Ehrman

3.) Riddle me this!–Steve Hays on Antony Flew’s infamous parable about the invisible gardner and how it’s self-refuting.

4.) If I Had a Hammer, I’d Hammer this Point Over and Over Again–Gary DeMar on the atheist foundation.

5.) Parsing perspectivalism–Steve Hays

6.) Why I Love John Frame’s “Biblicism” & You Should Too

7.) Bill Nye Admits Loss–Thoughts from Frontline Reformed Apologetics.

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These are some links on Presuppositional apologetics from around the internet recently.

1.) Christianity Provides Moral Absolutes: The Failure of non-Christian Moral Systems

2.) Pascal’s Wager is a Bad Bet

3.) Chris Bolt’s Debate: November 10th

4.) Dualism, Ontology and Pauline Authority

5.) How Can Atoms be Put on Trial for Killing Other Atoms?

6.) Answering Common Questions and Objections Part 1 – Vintage

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Some additional links from this month around the web on Presuppositional apologetics.

1.) Self-refuting Statements: Agile and Deft Defenses by Relativists

2.) The Character of Miracle Witness.

3.) Truth and Models of Composition.

4.) New & Innovative Apologetics eBook: Defeating Relativism, Subjectivism, and Self-Refuting Statements.

5.) Introduction to Worldviews.

6.) American Vision Apologetics Promo.

7.) A Problem of Logic for Joe Biden and the Pro-Abortion Religious Left.

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For those of you who have been hearing left wing liberals rhethorics that the responsibility of the tragic shooting at Tuscon lies with Conservative political rhetorics, it’s a sad cheap shot ploy to learn that a suspect can be innocent before proven guilty and yet some can make a leap in their conclusion to blame those on the other side of the political paradigm for being responsible for the shooting.  Never mind that the guy Jared Lee Lougner is a Statist (definitely not a Conservative value) whose list of favorite book includes the Communist Manifesto.  For the record, I don’t blame any Democrats, I think the guy is just a nut.

Over at the Christian worldview ministry of American Vision, there has been an interesting turn of events.

On January 14th, one of their writers wrote a piece responding to the slanderous lies of the left leaning Mother Jones, which has published an erroneous piece against their organization.

What I thought was ironic was how the Left gives rhetoric that the promotion of fears and lies by Conservatives are evil but don’t reprimand their own for doing it.

This hypocrisy and the problem of the Leftist argument was then pointed out in a piece by Gary DeMar on January 17th.

The next day, January 18th, American Vision got in the mail a letter with a threat and white powder.

Using the same line of reasoning that the Left use against the Right, is the Left’s rhetoric of fear and lies now make them responsible for their spew of hate?

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Gary DeMar of American Vision has this video up on Youtube concerning Frank Schaeffer

On this blog I have posted in the past concerning Frank Schaeffer, including useful links and my writing concerning the reasoning behind his angry rhetoric here and here

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