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North and South Korea

BBC News reports that South Korean troops shot about 40 warning shots after soldiers moved about 30 meters into the before returning to their side of the demarcation zone. The article also discusses the announcement by North Korea of a nuclear test, and the recent statement by the United Nations Security Council that, “warned of unspecified action against North Korea if it went ahead with a test explosion.” The webpage also includes a record of events regarding the nuclear crisis.


In other news, Google has been reported to be in a “sensitive stage” of discussion to purchase YouTube for 1.6 billion. YouTube was founded by three former employees of Ebay’s Paypal. More background can be found at BBC News.

In related news, YouTube, currently talking with record labels, is planning to offer legitimate music videos, (pirated videos can be found) free of charge.

Corpman testifies against Marine Murders

Corpman walking with legal entourageBBC News reports:

“US Petty Officer Melson J Bacos agreed a plea bargain to avoid murder charges and will testify against seven marines in later hearings.

The medic said the incident in the western Iraqi town of Hamdaniya in April made him “sick to my stomach”.

The case is one of several in which US troops are accused of killing Iraqis.”

Amish Support

Horse carriage on streetThe funerals for four of the girls took place on monday, with the fifth planned for friday. BBC News reports:

Donations have been coming in from around the world to help with medical expenses – Amish do not carry health insurance.

One insurance company has pledged $500,000 (£265,000).
But the Amish have also reached out to the family of Roberts, the 32-year-old milk-tanker driver who killed himself at the end of the shooting spree.

Amish leaders have helped set up a fund for the family at a local bank.

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In the village Paradise, Pennsylvania, a non-Amish, Charles Roberts entered an Amish school killing 3 girls and wounding others before killing himself. The gunman, carrying a shotgun and handgun, let the boys and some women go, before barricading himself in a school room.

What’s disturbing is it’s the latest of 2 other school incidents, the first on wednesday in Colorado, a man killing a 16-year-old girl and himself, and the second last friday, in Wisconsin, a 15 year-old boy killing a teacher.

Link to BBC (has some background on Amish)

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