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David A. Powlison.  Overcoming Anxiety: Relief for Worried People.  Greensboro, NC: New Growth  Press, December 17th 2012. 16 pp.

5 out of 5

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This was a helpful and edifying booklet.  I do enjoy these biblical counseling “minibooks” since they pack so much good contents in so little space.  It is biblical, practical and Gospel driven.  While individual titles may vary in terms of how good it is, this particular title on anxiety authored by David Powlison has not only proven to be personally helpful but also serve as a helpful resources for biblical counselors, pastors, disciplers and peer to peer Christian accountability and fellowship going over the issue of anxiety and worrying.  Relatively inexpensive, you get your bang for your buck.



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In another forum online someone asked the following question:

What are some good scriptures that can help through depression anxiety and other issues? I have a lot of these issues and sometimes I find it hard to find the right things to calm me down.

Personally Matthew 6 have been very helpful for me in my own life.  Specifically Matthew 6:25-34.  Here’s my quick thoughts and expanded from the original comment.  Perhaps it might be helpful for others on WordPress and Social Media as well.


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