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Here are links related to Presuppositional apologetics’ gathered from March 8th-14th, 2016.  Enjoy!

1.) Overcoming Self-refuting Statements: Agile and Deft Defenses by Relativists

2.) Don’t give me philosophy

3.) Creatures have no private chambers

4.) John Frame’s Understanding Apologetics (MP3 Lectures Series)

5.) Answering Another Fool (Another Ungrounded Premise)

6.) K. Scott Oliphint’s Apologetics and Systematic Theology (MP3 Series)


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biblical inerrancy series

Here’s the wrap up of our series from the last few weeks in which I responded to someone who objected to Biblical Inerrancy.  I post it as a collected series here because I realize that some of these objections against Biblical inerrancy are also repeated by others.

  1. Does 2 Timothy 4:13 undermine the Doctrine of Inerrancy?
  2. “You’re Putting God in A Box:” The Irony of this argument against Biblical Inerrancy
  3. Does Inerrancy stunt Christians relationship with God through the Holy Spirit?
  4. Bad reasoning: The Word inerrancy does not appear in the Bible, so therefore the Bible is errant?
  5. Inerrancy: A Lie Invented By the Church?

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Why I Am A Christian Stott

John R.W. Stott.  Why I Am A Christian.  Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, December 12th 2003. 140 pp.

The title of the book mimics atheist Bertrand Russell’s (in)famous essay, “Why I am not a Christian” which was also the title for Russell’s book that was a compilation of Russell’s other essays on religion and Christianity.  Here in this book the author John Stott presents his reasons of why he is a Christian.  This book is an adaptation of a four part series of lectures Stott has delivered concerning why he believes in Christianity which here is expanded into seven chapters.


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Here are Presuppositional Apologetics’ links gathered between February 22nd-29th, 2016.  Enjoy!

1.) Challenging the Wisdom of this World

2.) Logic, Aristotle, and the Necessity of Theism

3.) Podcast Discussion on Apologetic Methodology

4.) The Problem of Evil with John Frame

5.) What Roman 1 tells us about man’s knowledge of God

6.) Man is always accessible to God

7.) James Anderson’s A Reductio of Naturalism

8.) Steve Hays’ Mere theism

9.) Dr. Cornelius Van Til: or, How You Can Learn to Stop Worrying and Love Presuppositionalism


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houston fire rescue construction worker

Point: What do you do in a conversation when someone object to the truth that Salvation can only be found in Christ alone?  We have covered this objection previously but this is another example of an illustration that responds to this objection.


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dmx anti cop save by cop

Point: An argument in the arsenal of Presuppositional apologetics is the Transcendental argument.  John Frame describes apologist Cornelius Van Til’s transcendental argument in the following matter with one of Van Til’s famous illustration:

The non-Christian, then, in Van Til’s famous illustration, is like a child sitting on her father’s lap, slapping his face. She could not slap him unless he supported her. Similarly, the non-Christian cannot carry out his rebellion against God unless God makes that rebellion possible. Contradicting God assumes an intelligible universe and therefore a theistic one.


I think what follows below is another illustration in explaining Presuppositional apologetics.


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The night sky over snow- and frost-covered spruce trees. Northern light. Stubba Nature Reserve, Laponia, Lapland, Sweden.

This is a round up of Presuppositional apologetics’ links gathered from around the web between February 8th

1.) Question Evolution Day and Presuppositional Apologetics

2.) Since Jesus is Risen – We Have Certain Hope

3.) Christian and Non-Christian Views: Logic

4.) Are You A Bouncy Physicalist? Take the Test and Find Out!

5.) Understanding Cornelius Van Til

6.) Inspiration, evidentialism, and harmonization

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