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What an amazing thing that we live today in a time in which the internet allows people from all over the world can be exposed to the East and the West.  It’s a great opportunity for the Gospel.

Here’s a passionate sermon in English and translated into Mandarin Chinese.

Be blessed:

I pray the Lord would use this to witness and plant seed to those who are Chinese speaking and do not know Jesus.

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Good Friday and Easter (Resurrection Sunday) is around the corner.  I think this would be appropriate.


Here is a four part audio series titled “The Scriptural Road of Emmaus” which covers Messianic Types and Prophecies found in the Old Testament:

Road to Emmaus: Sin, why we need a Savior

Messianic Type: Sacrificing Beloved Only Son

Messianic Prophecy: Psalm 22

Messianic Prophecy: Isaiah 53

The title of the series is playing on the account of the two disciples walking with Jesus on the road to Emmaus recorded in Luke 24 in which Jesus gives a study on the Old Testament predicting the Messiah.

Note: The last one is bi-lingual, it is preached in English but has another language that it’s being interpreted into.

As I have said previously in this blog, I believe Presuppositional apologetics’ stress on being biblical in approaching apologetics is a good thing; and like other Presuppostionalists I would agree that the Christian apologist must be Biblical in one’s worldview, epistemology and philosophy of evidence, etc.  But I would also say that it’s important for the Presuppositionalists to know their Bibles well enough in particular with their Old Testament: so that they can marshal Messianic Prophecies!  Afterall, Old Testament Messianic prophecies are the evidences that God has given directly in His Word pointing to and predicting the Messiah’s life and ministry that Jesus Christ has fulfilled.  It would be ironic for the apologist who stress so much about being Biblical to end up being weak in the Evidences that God’s direct special revelation has given.  That of course is not to downplay the importance of being conscious of the philosophy of evidence and presuppositions when dialoguing since these are not neutral (Presuppositionalists’ point) nor does that mean we should not master the actual details of the facts of Jesus’ life and ministry (often, the traditional Evidentialist’s big focus).  But if we believe it’s the hearing of God’s Word that produces faith then we best master it to expose His Word to those whom we are evangelizing and giving a defense towards.

Plus there is something about incorporating and studying Messianic prophecies that makes one’s apologetics doxological since it’s centered on Christ!

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Book written for a general audience to explain the Messianic prophecy as found in Isaiah 53. This is a good introduction for anyone interested in Messianic prophecies that Jesus has fulfilled. The author does begin the book by pointing to other works for other more basic apologetic questions and these books are of classical and evidential method of defending the faith. Again, given that this book serves largely as an introduction to general readers about Isaiah 53 (with the assumption that little is known about Christianity and the Hebrew Bible on the part of readers), the work might not address other Jewish counter-missionary objections which the author has covered elsewhere. I enjoyed the testimonials in the end of the book of those who have found Jesus through Isaiah 53. I’m glad that Chosen People Ministries have been so generous to make this as a free offer.

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Last year, I wrote a short post concerning my fascination with the relationship of Presuppositional Apologetics and Messianic Prophecies which you can read about HERE.  I do believe that it’s important for the apologist to be conscious of worldview and philosophical undercurrents behind those who might rule out Messianic prophecies that attests to the Christian faith as true, and would love to see more Presuppositionalists engage with Messianic prophecies, while those apologists who engage with the exegetical and historical work of Messianic prophecies be more equipped with Presuppositional apologetics as the framework of going about defending the faith!  To that end, I think this post might be appropriate for readers to be better equipped with knowledge of the amazing Messianic prophecy of Isaiah 53.

Earlier this year (2012), John MacArthur had a mini-series going through Isaiah 53, focusing on it as Messianic Prophecy of Jesus Christ.  They are made available by Grace to You ministries, and below, you can download each individual messages.

1.) The Astonishing Servant of Jehovah (Overview of Isaiah 53) Download: High Low

2.) The Startling Servant of Jehovah  (Isaiah 52:13-15) Download: High Low

3.) The Scorned Servant of Jehovah, Part 1 (Isaiah 53:1-3) Download: High Low

4.) The Scorned Servant of Jehovah, Part 2 (Isaiah 53:1-3) Download: High Low

5.) The Substituted Servant, Part 1  (Isaiah 53:4-6) Download: High Low

6.) The Substituted Servant, Part 2 (Isaiah 53:4-6) Download: High Low

7.) The Silent Servant, Part 1 (Isaiah 53:7-9) Download: High Low

8.) The Silent Servant, Part 2 (Isaiah 53:7-9) Download: High Low

9.) The Sovereign Servant, Part 1 (Isaiah 53:10-12) Download: High Low

10.) The Sovereign Servant, Part 2 (Isaiah 53:10-12) Download: High Low

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Last week we reviewed this book, which can be read HERE.

Apparently, this book is for free online!

The publishers have put this online as individual PDF pages, with the table of content HERE.

The Table of Content is provided here as well:




PREFACE 009  010  011  012


1. Isaiah Sees the Saviour  013  014  015  016  017

2. Isaiah and His Contemporaries 018  019  020  021  022

3. The King of Persia as Deliverer  023  024  025   026  027  028  029  030

4. The Symphonic Structure   031  032  033

5. The Real Cause of Exile  034  035  036  037  038


6. The Importance and Uniqueness of Chapter 40 039

7. Isaiah 40  040  041  042  043  044  045  046  047  048  049  050   051  052


8. The Great Confrontation in Isaiah 41  053  054  055  056  057  058

9. The Servant of the LORD Introduced   059  060  061  062

10. The Worldwide Work of the LORD’S Servant: Isaiah 42:1-7  063  064  065  066  067  068  069   070

11. A Picture of Frustration: Isaiah 42:8-25  071  072  073  074  075  076

12. Isaiah 43  077  078  079  080  081  082  083  084

13. Isaiah 44-47  085  086  087  088  089  090  091  092  093  094


14. Isaiah 48  095  096  097  098  099   099  100  101  102

15. The Individualization of the Servant of the LORD: Isaiah 49:1-12  103  104  105  106  107  108  109  110  111  112

16. God Answers Israel’s Cry of Despair: Isaiah 49:14-50:3  113  114  115  116  117

17. The Servant’s Soliloquy: Isaiah 50:4-11  118  119  120  121

18. A Long Passage of Reassurance: Isaiah 51:1-52:12  122  123  124  125  126  127  128

19. The Servant’s Atoning Work: Isaiah 52:13-53:12 129  130  131  132  133  134  135  136  137  138  139  140  141  142  143  144  145  146  147  148  149  150

20. Isaiah 54   151  152  153  154  155   156  157  158  159  160

21. The Gracious Invitation: Isaiah 55:1-56:2  161  162  163  164  165  166  167  168

22. The Universal Outreach: Isaiah 56:3-8  169  170  171

Appendix   172  173  174  175  176  177  178

Notes to Particular Points  179  180  181  182  183

Resources for Study  184   185  186  187  188

Scripture Index  189  190  191

Index of Hebrew Words  192


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If readers have not noticed yet, Veritas Domain has interests in the area of Christian worldview, hermeneutics, Messianic prophecies and Presuppositional apologetics.

In light of that, I thought it was good to let people know about this book offer about a Messianic prophecy.

Chosen People Ministry, a ministry witnessing to the Jews are giving away a book that discuss the Messianic prophecy of Isaiah 53.

You can fill out this form and order a copy by clicking HERE.

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This work is by Allan A. MacRae. Though this is an older work (1977), I believe it is still a worthwhile read. The fact that this author has studied under some renown scholars (Princeton’s Robert Dick Wilson, R.A. Torrey of BIOLA and William Albright) and has spent years studying Isaiah would certainly lead the readers to discover something new about Isaiah from MacRae’s “The Gospel of Isaiah.” The book does not cover all of Isaiah, but on the section of Isaiah 40-56:8. The writer had no desire to write a detail commentary here, due to the author’s wish to engage the lay reading audience. For some this might leave things technical questions one might have unanswered. This impacts even the format of the book, as readers will notice that even the identification of Hebrew word or whatever grammatical-syntactical insight of the Hebrew are put in the endnotes. The value of this book is his discussion about the “Servant of God,” where the author takes into account contextually of how that at times refer to Israel, but other times it refers to individuals–specifically that of King Cyrus and the Messiah. MacRae successfully argues for the Messiah being predicated as the Suffering Servant. There are several Christian works on the Messianic prophecy found in Isaiah 53 which MacRae also discusses here too (with a thirty page chapter if I recall correctly), but what I appreciate of this book is the discussion of the “Servant” by looking at it’s use fully in the surrounding context. This way, readers will have a easier time seeing Isaiah 53 referring to the Messianic Suffering Servant, having seen that He is referred to earlier in the context. In the end of the book, MacRae also have some appendix notes that I found helpful for a general reading audience–issues on translations, Ancient translations and comment on the unity of Isaiah. Furthermore, he ends the work with a section “Resources for study,” that I found insightful in more ways than one: 1.) It gave readers a window into how MacRae approaches his study, without reliance on the commentary as much as grammatical historical work himself; 2.) It also made me appreciate the amount of development of scholarship, resources and tools since MacRae written this book, such as his discussion about the difficulty of accessing Brown, Driver and Briggs lexicon which since the date of the publication has been less difficult with Bruce Einspahr’s Index to BDB. This work is best read alongside of the passage that the author’s exposition–whether in the Hebrew and/or English translation. There were many times in reading Isaiah I was stunned how it provided later future antecedent theology for New Testament words, themes and imagery. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it reading it for devotional, even though for such a small book I thought I was going to finish it much more sooner!

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Two part Youtube Clip

James White on the Messianic Prophecy Isaiah 53


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