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Andrew T. Le Peau. Mark: Through Old Testament Eyes.  Grand Rapids: Kregel Publications, September 27th 2017. 352 pp.

5 out of 5

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This is a wonderful commentary.  It is one that I would recommend every Pastor and Bible teachers have as one of their resources while they are teaching through the Book of Mark.  I do believe it is an indispensable tool.  I know there are many Bible commentaries out and no doubt someone would ask me why this commentary.  “Why one more new one when there are so many that have been written already?”  I think this commentary is unique and helpful by providing a concentrated focus look at Mark “through Old Testament eyes,” which is the book’s subtitle.  What that means is that this commentary interprets the Book of Mark according to the Old Testament content which clearly Mark would have assumed the readers would have been familiar with.  Unfortunately today many Christians are less familiar with the Old Testament than Christians in previous generations.  And the insights that this commentary points out with the Old Testament is a treasure trove that makes this worth every spent getting it.



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Yesterday I posted “Videos: Introduction to Biblical Theology With Thomas Schreiner” and a comment from Bruce was about what I thought of the lectures.  I personally thought the Seminary gave Dr. Thomas Schreiner a tall order: Surveying the whole Bible in about 15 hours or so.  I also commented to Bruce that it is not easy to do a survey of the whole Bible.

It made me think tangent to another series.  The following audio messages and links to the PDF below is a survey of only the first five books in the Bible.  The first five books of the Bible is often known as the Law of Moses or the Pentateuch.

I share these even though it is by a “no name” preacher is because I enjoy surveys of books in the Bible that work to connect each book to the greater story line and redemptive history.  The end of each message tries to connect to the flow of God’s promise plan.  Of course connecting it to the flow of the Canon of Scripture allows us to walk to Jesus.

Enjoy the messages!


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One way that has been helpful for me to remember what’s in the 39 books in the Old Testament is thinking of the number 593-5-593.  I first heard this years ago from a teacher name Robert Morey.


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Someone asked me the following:

How can one respond to the statement:

“The OT is just a collection and rehash from older sources” (for example: Sumerian)

Usually non-believers use this approach to undermine the Genesis narratives, stating that there are civilizations much older than the Hebrew people, thus, the books from the Hebrews have been inspired by previous texts from those folks.

Here’s my reply:


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Here’s a wonderful resource that’s worth bookmarking!  The Old Testament professor at The Master’s Seminary has taught in the past on the book of Genesis.  Fortunately for all of us his lectures are online for free!

Here are the videos:


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Richard Taylor. Interpreting Apocalyptic Literature: An Exegetical Handbook.  Grand Rapids: Kregel Publications, July 27th, 2016. 208 pp.

4 out of 5

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This book is part of the Handbooks for Old Testament Exegesis series published by Kregel Publications.  Previously I have enjoyed the work on interpreting Old Testament historical books by Robert Chisholm very much and was looking forward to this volume largely because of it.  I was also excited for this volume since apocalytpic literary forms is one of the hardest to interpret in the Old Testament and as a preacher it would be helpful to think through critically and be equipped in handling passages of Scripture like the book of Daniel.


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Is Justification by Faith Taught in the Old Testament?

Justification is the act of God declaring a sinner righteous before Him.

But first why is this question important:

This question is important if one believes in the continuity between the Old and the New Testament.

This question is also important if one believes that Christianity has its root in the Jewish Scripture.

Moreover if you love the truth that God has justified sinners by faith, you will appreciate that this was always God’s intention.

This is also helpful for Jewish evangelism and apologetics to the Jews.

It is useful for doctrinal apologetics of Christianity.

I have found Paul in Romans 4 to be quite insightful of his argument from the Old Testament in which he argues and defends the thesis that the doctrine of justification by faith has Old Testament roots.

For this post we will look at Abraham in Genesis.  Specifically we will look at Paul’s argument concerning Abraham and you will notice in Romans 4 that Paul’s argument was faithful to the context of Genesis.


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