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In light of yesterday’s post which has stirred in my mind a lot about the compromises being committed by Christian celebrities and leaders, I thought this would be an appropriate witty ditty for Christians to be reminded that true Biblical ethics is not designed to conform to the world nor is it meant to look 100% like the ethics of our culture.

Here’s a witty ditty that hopefully helps you with your memory:


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As the world is confused with sexuality Christians need to be more clear about the Biblical view of sexuality.

Rosaria Butterfield has a wonderful testimony of God saving her.  Ligonier Ministries recently had a Google Hangout disgussion with her on sexuality and the Christian faith.

Here’s the Youtube video of the discussion:

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Abortion and the Christian What Every Believer Should Know

John Jefferson Davis is a professor of Systematic Theology and Christian Ethics at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.  He authored a book titled “Abortion and the Christian: What Every Believer Should Know” which was published by Presbyterian and Reformed.

The book is available online for reading for free!

Here’s the table of Contents:


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ethics under scope South Bay Alliance Church has hosted a monthly series in 2014 on the topic of Christian Ethics.  I commend this church for their moral courage to tackle on various issues some of which are controversial in our day and age.  I also appreciated the fact that they approached these topic with the desire and effort of being biblical. I hope you would all enjoy these videos.  I encourage you all to save this page and to share with others!

Introduction to Christian Ethics (January)

Woman, the Word and Worship (February)

The Statutes of Liberty (March)

Christians and Politics (April)

Christian Ethics: Euthanasia (May)

A Time for War (June)

Christian Ethics: Recovery of Vocation (July)

Contemplations for the Single Christian (September)

Worthy Life Aborted (October)

Homosexuality in the eyes of God (November)

Science, Philosophy, and God (December)

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