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Political Science by Cale Horne

Cale Horne. Political Science.  Phillipsburg, NJ: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing, May 31st, 2016. 48 pp.

This is a booklet that is part of the Faithful Learning Series published by Presbyterian and Reformed that provides an introductory look at various academic discipline from the perspective of the Christian worldview.  The first work I read from this series was on Literature and that booklet made me reevaluate my apathy towards works of fiction and it actually increased my interests in literature from an academic and Christian point of view (not long after that I picked up Great Gatsby).  So when I found out that there’s another booklet in the series that focused on what was my major in undergraduate, I knew I had to get it and read it right away.

The author Cale Horne is a political science professor who did a good job writing this booklet for a Christian general reading audience. I appreciate how in the beginning of the book Horne states that he believes there’s a role for Christians to be concerned with political affairs but he was wise to add that this is something Christians “can do” instead of “should do.” Horne recognizes that many Christians around the world and throughout much of Church history did not have the opportunity to be concerned with politics.  I appreciate the author’s spirit in writing this as I see this as humility in his approach toward the academic discipline of Political Science.


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Just as a warning I’m kind of passionate about this one.

Do you remember not too long ago people in an Ivy League School cussing and yelling at a professor in protest of need for safe space after students analyzing for “Micro-Agressions” (seriously, “Micro”) found that dressing up in certain costumes of ethnic and people group committed some Leftist blasphemy codes?  The contradiction doesn’t occur to them.  I think some in the Left are truly today’s Pharisees, absorbed in self-righteousness, who in the name of social justice justify go over the top in harassing those whom they don’t think is as upright as themselves.

I worry about my generation’s hypocrisy when it comes to freedom of speech when it doesn’t conform to the Leftist’s narrative.

What’s worst then Leftists immature trolls?  Leftists trolls gathering together in real time and space.

Watch this video of an event with a Conservative Speaker in Cal State Los Angeles:



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If you have been noticing since last year’s Supreme Court decision concerning gay marriage, the LGBT community has proceeded to go from bad to worst.  Certain quarters of that movement have been pushing their agenda to even more extremes.

Christian apologist and debater Dr. James White have recently returned from overseas teaching theology in South Africa and England.  While in South Africa Dr. White spoke on the topic of “Scripture and the LGBT agenda” at Cape Town, South Africa.  The message was given on May 7th, 2016 and can be seen on Youtube and found below:


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Two weeks ago I wrote a post on gay “pastor” Jordan Brown Alleged Homosexual Discrimination Cake Turns out to be Fraud.

I found his Twitter and tweeted that post to him, calling him to repent.

I also found his twitter has multiple times this picture:

jordan brown thrown his mind out of window


I think what he has to say in the picture is rather cliche and superficial.


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So Target now allow people to use whatever restrooms they self-identify themselves as.

Which leads me to this question:


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Over at the Bible Thumping Wingnut program they just recently interviewed Christian blogger Fred Butler about many things and among them was the topic of Christians “Adult Coloring Books.”  Yeah, Adult coloring books.  “Christian” adult coloring books.

If you go over and look at the Christian Book Expo’s “Christian Bestsellers” list for March 2016 you will find that the top ten include books that aren’t necessarily strong on being biblical.  Sadly I would have expected that.  But how many of the top ten are coloring books?  There’s three among the top ten!

Here’s one picture I doubt we’ll see in Christian adult coloring books:

not going to be in christian coloring book

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The Story of Everything Jared Wilson

Jared C. Wilson. The Story of Everything: How You, Your Pets, and the Swiss Alps Fit Into God’s Plan for the World by Jared C. Wilson.  Wheaton, IL: Crossway, October 31st, 2015.  240 pp.

This book is about how a biblical view of Christianity shapes one’s interpretation and view of everything.  Because of the truth about God and His works the point of the book is that life and everything else is meaningful.  Ultimately everything exists for the glory of God.  In ten chapters the author Jared Wilson explores what a Biblical view has to say about God’s plan and our world.  His discussion ranges from creation, history, art, science, work, pain, rest and marriage.


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