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Here are the top 10 posts I have written on this blog, Veritas Domain, in 2016.  (I have not included election guides which are wildly popular on our blog during election year, especially with Presidential elections).

Let me say beforehand that I want to thank all you guys and gals for reading our blog, sharing it with others and commenting your thoughts!

Did you remembered any of them or were blessed by them?  If so let us know!



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Ten years ago today on September 22nd, 2006 three men got together and decided to form a blog that would defend and proclaim the faith in addition to providing good Christian resources in the area of theology, apologetics, the Bible and Christian worldview.

A lot has happened in those ten years.

In terms of statistics we hit a milestone of over a million views this year.  Somehow the last ten years we put out 2,744 Posts covering 1,939 Categories and 1,113 Tags.  But the statistics doesn’t tell us the whole story of what I praise God for.


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Beginning tommorow I (SLIMJIM) will be going on Vacation and this week’s posts will feature guest posts and pre-scheduled pieces I written.  I think we have an edifying line up.  My comments will be delayed in light of our travels.


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Update on Blog (Theme and Picture)

We have been experimenting with the different blog themes available and the picture on the header. This blog theme with the two columns seems to fit what we are doing here well. The posting column is large enough for reading and the extra column is small enough for links that ought not to distract from the postings.

The picture on the header from left to right,

1. The stoning of Steven

2. The crucifixion of Peter

3. The beheading of Paul

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