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This post was inspired by Wally Fry who wrote Let’s Tell the World About Jesus.  He also shared a map of the world of where his blog was viewed at and his joy of knowing people were reached.

Why do we as Christians blog?  We must do it for God’s glory.

Secondarily we blog to edify believers and evangelize nonbelievers.  Around the World.

Our love for God and desire to see Him glorify drives the secondary reasons.

We don’t do this in a way that is detrimental to our primary responsibilities.  But it also flows from our primary responsibilities though of course often it is above and beyond our primary responsibilities in life.

Of course we can have a wrong heart for why we blog.  Narcissism is a heart condition we must battle in many things we do.

Yet at the same time we can pray to write to edify and evangelize.  We can thank the Lord for those who read from countries we can never go to or parts of the world that we will never see or would exclude you.

Here’s our map for Veritas Domain for the duration of the month of June up to now:


And its not just the numbers.  We thank God for the friendship and fellowship on WordPress.



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Since Thursday I have been more busy than usual with ministry (visitations, denominational meeting and teachings).  That slowed down my internet presence the last few days.

But I want to write a post thanking the Lord for all he’s doing through the blog and also to thank all of you guys for reading, commenting, reblogging and sharing things from this blog with others.


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Here are the top 10 posts I have written on this blog, Veritas Domain, in 2016.  (I have not included election guides which are wildly popular on our blog during election year, especially with Presidential elections).

Let me say beforehand that I want to thank all you guys and gals for reading our blog, sharing it with others and commenting your thoughts!

Did you remembered any of them or were blessed by them?  If so let us know!


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Ten years ago today on September 22nd, 2006 three men got together and decided to form a blog that would defend and proclaim the faith in addition to providing good Christian resources in the area of theology, apologetics, the Bible and Christian worldview.

A lot has happened in those ten years.

In terms of statistics we hit a milestone of over a million views this year.  Somehow the last ten years we put out 2,744 Posts covering 1,939 Categories and 1,113 Tags.  But the statistics doesn’t tell us the whole story of what I praise God for.


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I believe we have much to be grateful concerning the English Bible that we have in our hands.  When it comes to church history, many times our thankfulness are centered upon preachers, theologians, and reformers, but often Bible translators are forgotten.  Men such as Calvin, Luther, Edwards, and Whitefield are men we recognize and men that many have read about and men whose portrait is hung on the wall in many homes.  But what about Bible translators?  One person that we must have ingrained in our mind is William Tyndale.  If you like to hang pictures of theologians in your home, I encourage you to get a frame for Tyndale.

It is hard to know how Tyndale looks because he did not sit down to pose for a picture.  Since he was a fugitive, he was on the run for doing Bible translation.  This book seeks to expose Tyndale.  He was the first man to translate the Bible into the English from the original languages.  He knew eight languages and it has been said that when he spoke those languages, natives would not perceive him as a foreigner, but one who spoke like the people.  One of the big challenges concerning languages was to learn biblical Hebrew.  Barely anyone in Europe knew Hebrew; let alone taught Hebrew.  Besides all these languages, he was considered the father of the Modern English language.  He coined words that were never used in the English Bible such as scapegoat, atonement, sin offering, etc.  He was not only the father of the English Bible, but he was considered the father of the English reformation.  He was also considered the father of the Modern English Language.  The author states, “Even Shakespeare must concede that he is an heir to this grand translator of the Scriptures.  Repeatedly, Shakespeare uses words and phases that he has obviously adopted from Tyndale’s New Testament” (161).  Also what Luther was to Germany in terms of reformation, Tyndale, was to England in its reformation.

This book was an encouraging read and was written concisely in order to obtain the major details of his life.  The book covers his dangerous passion,his view on the doctrines of grace, his perilous work, his translation in the New Testament for common people, the translation of the Torah, his desire to always excel, and his further work in the Old Testament concerning the Historical Books. I highly recommend this book for those who have not read on the life of Tyndale.  Anyone who appreciates the English language and the English Bible will benefit much from this short read.

NOTE: I received this book for free from the publisher Reformation Trust through One Passion Ministries.  I was under no obligation to provide a favorable review.

Purchase bookAmazon or Ligonier Ministries

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Beginning tommorow I (SLIMJIM) will be going on Vacation and this week’s posts will feature guest posts and pre-scheduled pieces I written.  I think we have an edifying line up.  My comments will be delayed in light of our travels.


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On May 21st, 2014 around 5 PM Pacific Standard Time we hit a milestone on our blog of 700,000 hits.

I’m thankful for the other two bloggers who blog with me here on Veritas Domain.

I can speak for the group that we are thankful for all of you who have read our blog and/or fellowshipped with us over the years!  We are thankful to God.

I think this might be a good time for some news on our blog:

First off, we will continue to blog on here with posts related to apologetics, Christian worldview, Reformed theology, Presuppositional apologetics and the Bible.  We will continue with our blog series, our book reviews and posting of good resources online.  Our intent is always to equip God’s people and also evangelize the lost, for the glory of God.

Secondly, while it’s still up in the air we might have some revision of the look of the website sometime late July and August.

Thirdly we praise the Lord that we made the list of Jared Moore’s Top 250 Christian Blog for 2013-2014 as a blog that was barely grafted in.  Check out his page for the other top 250 Chrisitan blogs!


Fourthly, we have been on the Social Media scene now for almost a year, be sure to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to stay connecgted!


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