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This was just released by evangelist Ray Comfort.  I appreciate Ray Comfort evangelism ministry.

I’ll have to watch it after Church tommorow.  Enjoy!

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The Youtube Clip below by Todd Friel of Wretch TV is very good.  It is a must see for every believer.

I just watched early in the morning.  I was evangelizing earlier yesterday on a college campus and found myself having to explain myself for why I evangelize the way I evangelize.  It seems with this day and age where people want their ears tickled and Christians compromised with how the Gospel is being presented, we need to explain to even Christians what the Gospel is, and what the implications of the Gospel towards our method of evangelism.

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I don’t know how long this limited time offer will last, but you better not wait!

Living Waters Publication is giving out one free copy per customer the book by Ray Comfort titled, “God Has A Wonderful Plan for Your Life” which talks about the myth and unbiblical nature of much of modern evangelism, and then schools the readers on the use of the Law in witnessing.

Go here to get the book!

My review of this book can be read by clicking HERE.



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Should Christians participate in Halloween?

As a Christian, I do not think dressing up and wearing things that glorify death, murder, violence, the occult and the magical is a thing that glorifies God.

As a Marine who have seen death and gore in Iraq, I’m sometimes more shock at people wanting to glorify such gory violence and think it is neat.

However, I think someone knocks on your door, that’s a God-given opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus–that we are sinners, that Jesus died for those sins of those who would trust in Jesus as LORD and SAVIOR, that this is by grace alone, through faith alone in Christ alone–whether they are Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons and people selling you something.

Thus, I believe Halloween is a great time to give out candies–and the Gospel by giving them gospel tracts.

This is a great opportunity to share the Gospel!  This is a picture of what we are doing:

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The Lawman breaks it down the difference between truth and mere belief, and which one truly matters:

Evangelizing on a regular basis on a college campus, I see this type of relativistic thinking on an ongoing basis.

How would you answer this gentleman?

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This took place at Cerritos College.

Sadly, similar things like this happen too often before my eyes in our campus outreaches in Southern California. Shallow Christians present the biggest threat against the gospel work at times.

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Ray Comfort’s Documentary, “180” is going to be released tommorow.

Here’s a trailer:

Listen to Kevin Swanson’s interview with Ray Comfort on Generations Radio here.

You can see the countdown for the release and watch the movie for free HERE.

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