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The MurderedThe Murderer

Are we going to take the nonsensical open border seriously?

So, this “hard-working” illegal immigrant is trying hard to make a living in the U.S?

More news here and here.

Not too long ago, in LA and NY




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Columbia University College Republicans hosted this event. Jim Gilchrist, the founder of the Minuteman Project was about to give his speech. Within moments of Gilchrist taking the podium, however, the event was disrupted by left-wing students mounting a coordinated attack on the stage. Check out the insanity at one of our so called “top” school. More.

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After the U.S Senate passed a Bill to build a 700 mile fence between U.S and Mexico, Mr Fox spoke out against the Bill.

President Vincente Fox’s spokesperson told reporters that “The Mexican government strongly opposes the building of walls in the border area between Mexico and the United States.” Mexico pleaded with President Bush on Monday to veto a Senate proposal to build a fence to keep illegal immigrants out, saying it could backfire by making the border less secure.

It would make the border less secure????!!!! What about the wanted criminals from Mexico who have been walking over into the U.S? What about those illegals fleeing to Mexico after gunning down enforcement officers in the U.S?

Would Mexico allow people from Guatemala to walk over to their land? Did they send their military to stop them from crossing over? That is wrong but walking into the U.S is not? Pure hyprocrisy!

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