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I love apologetics.  But I love that we defend the faith gracefully, respectfully, truthfully and Biblically.

I think coarse speech, vulgarity and inaccuracies in one’s apologetics does not glorify God.  Being a celebrity in Pop apologetics circle does not mean one gets a free pass with God.

It is with a heavy heart that I blog about Ergun Caner, who at one time work at Liberty University and is currently the president of Brewton-Parker College.  The blogger TurretinFan has done us an excellent job documenting his constant exaggeration of his past, outright lies and misrepresentation against Islam and other Christians.

I understand Christian can sin; but a true Christian’s response to sin is repentance.  A mark of repentance is confession of sins.  It is not a reaction that is characterized by more lies and a cover-up.  A spirit of repentance means one is humbled rather than going after people exposing your sins.

Last year Ergun Caner sued the blogger behind the blog “Witness Unto Me” for “copyright infringement” since they loaded up a video of Caner lecturing the US Marines on Islam.  Legally any talks given to the military that is recorded is now government property and one can not claim it as their own under the basis for a copy right.  It is also legally available to the public under the Freedom of Information Act.  The courts recently threw out Caner lawsuit since he lack any standing for his case.

Now both videos of Caner’s talks to the Marines are available online.

The video snippet of one of them is pretty sad:

I’m a Marine Combat Veteran myself and I don’t appreciate his vulgarity and lack of professionalism.  When he jokes profanely and say “Did you think I would talk like a professor?” a courageous Marine said outloud “Yes.”  If his speech is even too much for Marines and cussing sailors (Marine’s “medics” are from the Navy, and are not Marines) you know there’s a problem.

Everything he is recorded as saying is not helpful for Marines in Combat Zone, playing on Muslim and Middle Eastern sterotypes.  His prejudice does not help Marines in real world, real time operations in this age of modern warfare’s complexities with Civil affairs, hearts-and-minds operation and the “Three Block War.”

I also think his ignorance of Islam is shown with his discussion of the Hadiths in minute 3:15 onwards.  There are no such thing as “Hadiths volume 9” or “Hadiths Book 52.”

He claims all these debates with Muslim apologists that are non-existent.

He even claim to have debated Michael Moore.  Google reveals nothing except for Caner claiming this.

He goes around in this video calling people names and other personal attacks such as calling people “fat,” and making fun of liberals, Canadians and Muslims.

There are no notes, he’s just giving a cheerleading speech that’s misinformed with lies of how he was going to be a terrorists even though his biography researched by others show otherwise.

Muslims are using this to give Christians a bad name.

And he continues with these lies.  His followers have said he has repented but I’m afraid they might not remember what repentance is.

As I have posted four years ago, I will post again my call for Ergun Caner to repent:

Ergun Caner: Remorse and Repentance vs. Remorse and Penance

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