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Augustine. The Confessions of Saint Augustine. Escondido, CA: Hovel Audio Inc, February 28, 2006. 12 hours, 48 minutes.

4 out of 5

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This is a classic by the early Church Father name Augustine.  It is an autobiography and the testimony of the long journey of how this famous Bishop came to trust in the Lord.  I struggled to make time to read this book but was delighted to find an unabridged audiobook of this work.  It was a blessing to listen to the audiobook.


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I love summer.  I think of vacations, road trips and travel.  And also the possibility of listening to some audio books!

Most of the titles in the following lists of audiobooks that I reviewed were what I listened to on my travels earlier this year to a particular country to teach theology.  The travel there was rather long (more than the hours of most people’s typical workweek!) and not necessarily all easy and I spent more time enroute there more than the actual time I spent on the ground in that country.  So I got to read a lot and also listened to a lot of of audiobooks as a break from my normal reading.  The following are my suggestions.  Not all the books are written by Christians and some are books that by God’s common grace can be insightful to human nature and history.

First recommendation of course is the Word of God itself!


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Yesterday I reviewed Luther’s classic commentary on Galatians.  After a reader’s comment, I found several media format one can enjoy this classic!

Martin Luther Galatians

You can download it for free onto Kindle if you click HERE.

If you want to download it to your Apple IBook click HERE.

If you want an Adobe PDF copy click HERE.

If you want to read it online in Html Format, click here for the table of Content.

If you want to hear it courtesy of LibriVox, click here.


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I love Christian Audio, each month they one free audio book! Well this year, the audio book that’s for free is RC Sproul’s “Holiness of God”


It’s a nine hour audio…all for free for March 2011

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What a way to start the New Year!

Every Christian New Year resolution should be more growth in Christ and more sanctification (That should be a given)

For a limited time (this month of January 2011 only), Christian Audio Book is giving away free audio book by Jerry Bridges on holiness:

The Pursuit of Holiness

Narrator Arthur Morey

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