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Earlier this month I wrote a post on My thoughts on the news of a church flying Christian flag over American flag in which I argued about how much a non-story it was for the media to pick up on it, among other things.  On Sunday some Conservative alternative source of news mentioned about the City of Reno flying the Gay Rainbow flag in place of the American flag over their city hall.  The city has since taken down the gay flag and put back the American flag and the mayor has issued an apology.

I think this ought to be a bigger news story than the one about the church flying a Christian flag above the American flag.  This is the civil government we are talking about and not some non-government organization.

I thought it was interesting Huffington post has a story on “Pastor Flies Christian Flag Above American Flag To Protest Gay Marriage” but if you do a search on their page for “Reno flag” you won’t find anything.

Now I don’t want to make too much about flags per se but I think all the news about flags definitely reveal the hearts of people and where our society is going.

Think of how Obama had the White House glow at night with the the colors of the Rainbow flag soon after the Supreme Court supported same-sex so called marriages but take days before the White House flag was half-mast for the dead Marines and Sailor killed in Tennessee.

By their flags you will know them.

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