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Does the Trinity have practical impact on the Christian life?  It sure does!

How?  This series of four audio sessions is worth downloading and listening.


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If you love Church history and/or if you are familiar with Crossway’s Series of books on Theologians on the Christian Life you might be delighted to know that there was a conference in 2017 that covered some of the Theologians in the series.

Personally I have only read only one of the volume in this series which I have reviewed: Review: Schaeffer on the Christian Life: Countercultural Spirituality by William Edgar.  I do plan to read more from this series.

Here are the videos:


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Rick Thomas. Help! My Marriage Has Grown Cold.  Leominster, England: Day One Publications, September 30th 2010.  64 pp.

5 out of 5

Purchase: Christian BookAmazon

If you married and your love for your spouse have grown cold this booklet is for you.  If you are a Pastor or a biblical counselor who is ministering to a couple whose love for each other has grown cold this is also a book for you; use it as a resource but also read it for your edification!


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This is a seven part series on God’s creation of marriage based upon His Word in Genesis 2.

Here are the links to the series:

For part 1 click here

For part 2 click here

For part 3 click here

For part 4 click here

For part 5 click here

For part 6 click here

For part 7 click here

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Sometime this upcoming week we will start a new series on “First Marriage Problem in History.”  It would be a Bible study on Genesis 3 concerning the first marriage problem according to God’s Word.  We’re going to learn that there are huge implications and lessons for us today concerning marriage and the reality of sin in our lives.

Stay tune for the outline series!


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At the church where I pastor at I encourage everyone who regularly attend to make sure they bring their Bibles with them to church.  I want them to not only have their Bible but also to use it both at church and especially as they are living their life.

Here’s a witty ditty that many of the guys have heard me say:


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I’m taking a break for the remainder of the year from a series that I started in 2016 on how theology shapes marriage and will pick it up again in 2017 with my church’s couple’s meeting.  For now, here’s the outline for the series:

How does the biblical doctrines of demonology help us have a more godly marriage?

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