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If you follow us on our Facebook page and Twitter you no doubt know that every morning we share quotes from the theologian and apologist John Frame.

Here’s one quote from his book Doctrine of the Word of God:


Obviously John Frame here is not saying every theologian makes this error of chopping the Scriptures; nor that just because one is a theologian it therefore means one will make that mistake.  Actually everyone is prone to making this blunder of “reporting” on segments of Scripture in isolation.

Which means we must watch ourselves even in how we read Scripture.

I’m going to go on a tangent from Frame’s book with this quote as a spring board to examine three practical examples of how people including myself can over-emphasize one aspect of Scripture over and against another:



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About two weeks ago I posted my Review and Free Booklet: Struggles of Conscience by Charles Spurgeon.  I mentioned in that review that this turned out to have been my favorite work from Spurgeon thus far for this year (I’ve been having a craving for things by Spurgeon this year).

It turns out this book, which was originally a sermon by Spurgeon, is also available as an audio on Youtube!  This is for those who are busy although I always prefer actual reading of a book more than listening to audiobooks if one can.

So here it is below:


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The last few Sundays we have featured posts tackling the sin of the love of money.  I thought I share them all in one post as a table of contents.

The first post is important because if one doesn’t realize they have the love of money, they aren’t going to see the importance of how one combat one’s love of money.  The second and third posts deals with fighting against the love of money in terms of what to put off and what to put on instead, respectively.

Here are the posts:

How do you tell if you are a lover of money?

How do you combat the love of money? Part 1

How do you combat the love of money? Part 2

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Today’s post I want to answer the question: “How do you combat the love of money?”

This is part two of looking at the Bible for answer.  See Part 1 here.  Whereas last week we focused on the means to “put off” the love of money here in part two will then look at what we “put on” instead in place of the love of money.

So here’s what we “put on” which is part of our repentance:


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Establish the need: Why should we care about what the Bible say about demons in regards to marriages? When we know someone is out to destroy our marriage we would be very proactive to defend it; but did you know there are supernatural beings out to destroy your marriage?  Specifically they are led by the devil so the devil will be our focus for our present study.

Purpose: In this series we will explore how theology shapes marriage and here in our fifth session we shall consider the Bible’s teaching on the devil and how to resist Him in order to protect our marriage.


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I begin first with an analogy from the physical realm.  There’s a business idea out there that some businesses out there are “too big to fail.”  There’s even an investopedia definition of this economic term:

Too big to fail” is the idea that specific businesses, such as the biggest banks, are so vital to the U.S. economy that it would be disastrous if they went bankrupt. The government would provide bailouts to protect creditors against losses and enable managers to retain their high wages and bonuses.

Of course the idea of “too big to fail” is a dangerous mentality for those in the leadership of these big businesses, because there is less incentive for them to do the right thing and more incentive to take irrational risks because there’s always a safety net of the American tax payer.  In the end we pay for these business mistakes instead of the businesses and the business leaders.

This leads to a corollary that there are some people who are “too big to jail.”  For instance, recently Green Party’s candidate Jill Stein have pointed out how Hillary was ‘too big to jail’ in email case.  This isn’t just with Hillary Clinton, its been true with other federal government bureaucrats too.

I believe many Christians believe there’s something wrong with the mentality of “too big to fail” and “too big to jail” in the examples mentioned.  But when it comes to the spiritual realm of Christians, some have adopted the very mentality that they reject in other sphere.


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Lou Priolo faithfulness review

Lou Priolo. Faithfulness: No More Excuses.  Phillipsburg, NJ: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing, June 30th, 2016. 48 pp.

This is an excellent resource on Christian living using biblical principles and God centered motivation.  I realize the term “faithfulness” can be rather broad and my only real critique of this book is that it might have been better titled “Responsibilities” or something along that line so readers understand right away what the book is about.  I totally enjoyed this book and found it immensely practical and helpful.  Even for those who would say they are quite responsible would benefit from this book as the beginning of this work made clear that the more one grows in responsibilities, the more one sees one’s shortcoming and need for grace for improvement.  With such an introduction I was compelled to read this all the way through.


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