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You Will Be my Witnesses Saskatoon Canada Conference

Sye Ten Bruggencate recently taught two sessions on Van Tillian Presuppositional Apologetics in Saskatoon, Canada for an evangelism conference called “You Will be My Witnesses.” It is sponsored by Fellowship Baptist Church.  Just a few weeks before this teaching Sye was one of the participants of a debate during the Bahnsen conference in Southern California.

Here are the videos:

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The Gospel and Personal Evangelism Dever

Mark Dever. The Gospel and Personal Evangelism.  Wheaton, IL: Crossway, September 7th, 2007. 124 pp.

I was reading this book together with a brother from church and found this to be a helpful resource.  I appreciated the tone of the book since it was pastoral, biblical and loving towards the Lord and those who don’t believe.  I enjoyed this book enough to went ahead and purchase a few copies for other members of my church for Christmas.


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veritas domain presuppositional apologetics round up charger

These are links that touches on Presuppositional apologetics gathered from November 8th-14th, 2015.

1.) Van Til’s Correspondence and Coherence Theory of Truth

2.) Reason is Necessary But Unbeknownst to Bart Ehrman It Requires God

3.) The Perspicuity of Natural Revelation

4.) P&R Interview with Vern Poythress


6.) P&R Interview with John Frame


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Part 2: Can We Know God?

question theology foundation

Here in this third outline we will consider the question: “How has God revealed Himself?”


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starbucks red cup

I’m not so much concern with some silly Christians complaining about some red cup as I am with the inconsistency of the people who belittle those Christians and then turn around and think its okay to sue a business if they somehow don’t cater for certain celebrations.

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Here are the links related to Presuppositional Apologetics gathered from November 1st-8th, 2015.

1.) 12 Atheist Statements

2.) Answering the Relativist

3.) The Folly of Atheism as the Absence of Belief in the Existence of gods

4.) The Existence and Attributes of GOD Debate


6.) “Miracles” and Presuppositions

7.) Ultimate Collection of Free Presuppositional Apologetics Debates

8.) A Letter Defending the Christian Worldview

9.) Christian ethics is liberating


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Part1: Why Study About God?

question theology foundation

Here in this second outline we will consider the question: “Why Study About God?”


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