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Here are the Presuppositional links from the world wide web between August 15th-21st, 2015.

1.) Book Review “The Love of God”

2.) Logic is Ethical

3.) Eight Steps to Proving The Existence of God

4.) Van Til’s Common Grace and the Gospel

5.) Understanding understanding: using you loaf


7.) Collection of Posts Responding to Planned Parenthood #DefundPP


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It is incredible to see the ignorance of many who called themselves Pastors and teachers of the Bible not knowing…the Bible.

Yet churches tolerate it.

“But the Pastor is so caring and relational!”

“He makes up for it by being a people person and have no time to study.”

Imagine the scenario from the following video:


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michael jackson planned parenthood refuted

Here’s a round up of links on our blog in light of all the heat with Planned Parenthood.


Guest Post: Abortion – a Worldview Approach

Original Refutations

1.) A fallacious argument that Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards’ Facebooked on July 28th 2015

2.) Planned Parenthood President claim they provide “high-quality, nonjudgmental, compassionate care”

3.) Response to Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards’ Washington Post’s Opinion Piece

4.) Implication of Planned Parenthood President’s admission that Videos show “medical and scientific conversations”

5.) Considering the “Planned Parenthood’s Abortion is only 3% of what it does” Defense

6.) Documenting Planned Parenthood Lies that They Provide Mammograms

7.) Straight Out of Planned Parenthood’s Abortion #DefundPP

8.) What about the Preborn? Look at Cosmopolitan’s article on “The GOP Candidates Completely Disregarded the Reality of Women’s Lives”

9.) Planned Parenthood’s strange argument from its clinics in States that aren’t involved with “Tissue Donations”

10.) Ironic Tweet: Supporting Planned Parenthood because “I have a heartbeat”

11.) “The majority of the American public supports continued federal funding for PP?” Closer Look at a Claim by Planned Parenthood


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Ceceile Richards Straight Outta Arguments


Planned Parenthood and their supporters makes so many bad arguments that the last few weeks provide ample supplies of fallacies for a semester’s worth of examples in a course on logic.

On August 15th, 2015 Planned Parenthood Tweeted:

Calls to investigate PP in Delaware got this response: “There is no tissue donation program at Planned Parenthood to investigate.”

As seen below:


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Imagine waking up the next morning to find out that all of the abortion mills in our country were all shut down.  It would mean that no more babies will be poisoned or butchered to death.  I am pretty sure that during the early past time of our country abolitionists of slavery dreamed and wished that one day the evil institutionalized system of slavery and civil rights abuses against blacks would cease. That dream became a reality. If it be God’s will, my dream would be that all of the aborturaries would shut down.  But the reality of that happening tomorrow is unrealistic, unless there is a miracle.

I am reminded if we desire for sinners to come to conviction of sin and for sinners to see a major awareness concerning the value of human life with the aim to shut down aborturaries and also the other institutionalized ills in society, then the Gospel must be the answer. Desiring pagans to be moral pagans so that a certain utopia is met is not suffice.  That will not effectively tame the heart.  What will tame the heart is the Gospel of grace. Don’t pursue the work of a humanistic abolitionalist, but seek to do the job of a Christ-centered abolitionist who wish to see the culture redeemed if it be God’s will.  I pray for revival and reformation. But I also understand that at the end of the day, this world will get darker and darker before the return of Christ. However, let us be zealous for good works, redeem the times, and  snatch people from the fire before it is too late.

What better way to do that than yesterday at the abortion mill at Planned Murderhood.  If this past Thursday was not enough concerning legal disputes, Planned Murderhood tried to stop us from ministering the Gospel again.  Upon our arrival there, a PP patient came up to my face with indignation because of my stance against the murder of babies.  She hurled curse words left and right, blasphemed God, and even threatened to slap my Bible out of my hand. Please pray that God will save her soul.  But praise God that the Gospel was preached and paper missionaries were distributed.  After preaching for almost 30 minutes, law enforcement came down for a second time in one week.  Same conclusion as Thursday, but yesterday’s incident had a slight twist because property mgmt told officers to research to see if I am breaking a law that protects patients who come for reproductive purposes.  As far as I know, there was no threat done to anyone, so no law was violated.  At any rate, the officers told us that they would look into that law, but they indicated that we are not acting in violation of any known jurisdiction so I could resume preaching and ministering.

From this event, even in the midst of hostility and legal threatenings, I am reminded of these small defenseless babies.  They provide me strength to press on because they are made in God’s image.  I am reminded that our prayers must include these orphans who are in distress. I am reminded that my visatation is necessary because of their distress.  They cry for help, but  too often many will perform child sacrifice for the sake of convenience and for the love of money.

My friend Jason and I also had the opportunity to speak to Austin who works for the property manager. He was the one who called the police because he believed that we tresspased private property.  After the police left–to my amazement, we had a cordial conversation with him.  He even had a series of questions for us because he was curious as to why I was preaching in front of PP.  I took the opportunity to explain to him the value of human life which stems from the doctrine of the image of God.  I also had some brief moments whereby we spoke of Christ. Please pray that God’s Son would powerfully work in his life.

We also had opposition from a professing Christian who said it is okay to have a baby murdered in the womb instead of sufferring in the world later due to life’s poverty and difficulties.  That thinking is assinine.  May His Word sound forth in our churches and in our pulpits clearly and boldly concerning the precious life of the orphans and the prohibition from God against murder.  God in His wisdom gave a prohibition against murder for a reason. God is wise.  What breaks my heart is that murder is happening to the most defenseless and vulnerable of all.  This is not the first time I have heard from a professing Christian that the murder of a child is okay.  I have even heard it from a Christian who worked at a pregnancy crisis center notifying me that many who come to their clinic pondering about doing abortions are from church- goers.  Yup–welcome to false religion, whereby precious life that is made in the image of God are murdered by church-going people who call themselves Christians.  That damming doctrine of child sacrifice on the altar of convenience and hedonism, held by church-goers across the state, is the sacandal of the ages.  Oh help us God!

At any rate, in closing, the law that was brought up as pointed out earlier, was in reference to18 US Code § 248 – Freedom of access to clinic entrances.  If you guys have time to research it, please feel free to share your thoughts that you think will be helpful.

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These are links on Presuppositional apologetics gathered between August 8th-14th, 2015.

1.) Helpful Apologetic Books for the Eradication of Trolls

2.) Brief Answers to Pro-Abortion Claims


4.) Critiquing Presup: What the Presuppositionalist is NOT Saying…

5.) Simply Subjective

6.) Evangelism: Jesus’ Only Conference 2015


Missed the last round up?  Check out the re-blogged post from a friend

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Refuting Cosmopolitan Abortionist piece

I don’t read Cosmopolitan.  But Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards tweeted a link to an article titled, “The GOP Candidates Completely Disregarded the Reality of Women’s Lives.”  I clicked on it and I’m compelled to respond to the assorted bad arguments.

The part that Cecile Richards and other Planned Parenthood’s twitter account emphasized from the article is how the Republican candidates failed to mention “women” in a recent debate sponsored by Fox News.  Here’s that relevant paragraph:

Abortion was one of the biggest topics during the debate. And whether you’re pro-life or pro-choice, one of the most jarring aspects of the evening was seeing 10 men talking on stage about a medical procedure that nearly one in three women will have in her lifetime – without ever mentioning women. Seriously. If you read a transcript of the debate, candidates don’t bring up a “woman” or “women” even once when talking about either Planned Parenthood or abortion. It’s as if lady folk are just receptacles made for holding and expelling babies, not real people. Even the narrower category of “mothers” was left out of their reproductive rights talking points, save for two instances.

This quote and other portions of the article should be subject to further logical scrutiny.

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