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Ken Ham and Cindy Malott. Answers Book for Kids Volume 2: Dinosaurs and the Flood of Noah.  Green Forest, AK: Master Books, July 30th 2008. 48 pp.

5 out of 5

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This is the second volume in the Answers Book for Kids series written by Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis and published by Master Books.  My kids and I enjoyed the first one enough to pick up the second volume.  This particular book focuses on Dinosaurs and the Flood of Noah.  Using a question and answer format the book responds to twenty two questions from kids.  Some of these questions are also questions that adults asks.  Ken Ham works with his co-author Cindy Malott to respond to these questions in a way that kids would be able to understand.



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I’ve always thought about corresponding geological and biological data out there to the bible since I researched on my blog article on the link between Noah’s flood and the Ice Age. Ever since then, I’ve been rethinking how old things are dated, or the timelines for the development of the universe and our planet. In my general biology class, our lab professor (who’s a botanist) mentioned they’ve found several living plants originally thought to be extinct.  However, this news article really is a better illustration of my eyebrow-raising skepticism at modern dating systems presuppositions:

 Ancient Fish

ZANZIBAR (Reuters) – Fishermen in Zanzibar have caught a coelacanth, an ancient fish once thought to have become extinct when it disappeared from fossil records 80 million years ago, an official said on Sunday.

Researcher Nariman Jidawi of Zanzibar’s Institute of Marine Science said the fish was caught off the tropical island’s northern tip.

“The fishermen informed us they had caught this strange fish and we quickly rushed to find it was a coelacanth,” he told Reuters, adding that it weighed 27 kg (60 lb) and was 1.34 meters long.

The coelacanth, known from fossil records dating back more than 360 million years, was believed to have become extinct some 80 million years ago until one was caught off the eastern coast of South Africa in 1938 — a major zoological find.

None has since been caught in South African waters, but around 30 have been caught in recent years off Tanzania, possibly because diminishing shallow-water resources have forced fishermen to cast their nets in the deeper waters where coelacanths live, experts say.

Coelacanths are the only living animals to have a fully functional intercranial joint, a division separating the ear and brain from the nasal organs and eye.

 The unbeliever laughs to think we believe the earth was created in 6 days. The Christ-conquered (brainwashed) mind  of the believer finds it hilarious to think the unbeliever can say the opposite with a straight face in all-seriousness and sincerity. You found a 360 million year old species of fish, a fish that was thought to be extinct the last 80 million years, but who’s extinction was voided in 1938 and present day??? As usual it comes back to the presuppositions and consequential clash of entire worldviews.

What do I speculate? The fish seems old because it was a pre-flood fish that survived the flood. Of course that then dates the fish to less than a million years old (assuming the earth is less than a million years old as well), and most athiestic worldviews would reject the possibility immediately.

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I love when God sovereignly combines my class subjects with my daily devotionals.

In the last two days I’ve been reading Genesis, and specifically about Noah’s flood. In the same two days, I also started my class in U.S. History reading the first chapter, “A Continent of Villages”, out of my textbook, Out of the Many: A History of the American People.

Because Chapter 1 proposes that people first arrived in North America using a land bridge created by the Ice Age, I wondered how Noah’s flood fit into with Ice Age. I soon found out that from the creationist point of view, Noah’s flood is the only fully explainable reason for the Ice Age.

In reading a couple of chapter excerpts from Michael Oard’s book on answersingenesis.org, I learned the following:

  • Scientists early on were reluctant to accept the Ice Age because of its unknown cause
  • Scientists couldn’t explain how the Ice Age occurred
  • Noah’s flood gives an explanation because it fulfills two requirements for an Ice Age:
    • Cool temperatures
    • Lots of snow


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