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This was from this year’s “Jesus Only Conference,” a one-day Conference in Southern California for high schoolers, college students and young adults.

The following are the videos from the three main sessions.

Session #1: Predestination, Proclamation, Praise: The Sovereignty of God and Evangelism


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The Doctrine of Election Arthur Pink

Review: A classic by Arthur Pink, this is a short exposition of the Bible’s doctrine of election. If you are familiar with other works by Pink you will know that he often goes over Calvinistic doctrines, show where it is derived from Scripture and also show its implication. These practical implications predominately addresses the heart and motive and the right perspective of the Christian life. I enjoyed the discussion about justice and the issue of fairness when it comes to election, which Pink addresses in light of the truth of total depravity. I especially like how the book ended noting how the confidence we have in the Christian life in obeying and following God rests on the sovereignty of God’s work in the life of the believer. Excellent work, edifying for the soul.

You can get the book for free to read online.

For the book in PDF format click HERE (courtesy of Monergism.com).

For the book in HTML format broken down by chapters click HERE (courtesy of Providence Baptist Ministries).

Or if you want the book on Kindle (though it cost 99 cents, but it’s worth it!) you can get it by clicking HERE.

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This is a debate between two Christian apologist on the topic of Predestination, Dr. James White and Dr. Michael Brown.

James White

Here is the video:

Wow thanks to Alpha and Omega Ministry for formatting this video and making it available online!


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Greg Bahnsen was a prolific Christian apologist who has made a tremendous contribution in popularizing Presuppositional Apologetics before his untimely death in 1995.  He is probably Cornelius Van Til’s best known disciple.  Here is an audio lecture on the topic of foreordination and human responsibility found on Youtube.

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