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These are links related to Presuppositional apologetics gathered from February 1st-7th, 2016.


2.) Objective Moral Values or Mere Subjective Preferences?

3.) What hath Apologetics to do with Discipleship?

4.) Christian and Non-Christian Views: Reality

5.) January 2016 Ministry Update: Frontline Apologetics

6.) Scripture Refutes Empiricism [Gordon H. Clark]

7.) Superstitious Scientists


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A few weeks ago I wrote a post titled “Consider the possibility that the reason you aren’t going to church has to do with your sins.”  It has received much more attention than I anticipated.  In one of the comments someone who didn’t like the post stated the following:

The stories I read from David Kinnaman in “You Lost Me” suggest that the top reasons an entire generation of young people are leaving the church are only tangentially sin-related: (1) overprotective – make one mistake and you’re no longer perfect (2) shallow – nothing ever goes deep (3) anti-science – the church isn’t interest in the truth that agrees with the facts (4) repressive – the church isn’t capable of dealing with the reality of the world (5) exclusive – the “if you’re not with us you’re against us” mindset (6) doubtless – if one comes to question anything then it’s viewed as faithlessness so there’s no middle ground.
Sin is little more than a red herring at this point – focus on this scratch in the surface rather than repairing the gaping chasm next to it as if it’ll make everything good as new.

Should I write a post on sin as the reason for why people leave the church?


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Last fall Christian apologist Dr. James White debated the Muslim Ayoob Karim on the topic, “Is Jesus God?”  This took place in South Africa.

Here’s the video of the debate:

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Sin in marriage

Establish the need: People often have romanticize vision of marriage that’s picture perfect for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. People airbrush the most obvious reality of our life: sin.  Have you thought about sins and marriage?

Purpose: Explore how theology shapes marriage and here in our first series we shall consider how does the Bible’s doctrine of sin help us have a more godly marriage, by first looking at the Biblical teaching on sin and then explore some implications.


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I realize Christmas is a long ways off but let me explain why I’m posting this now.  As a pastor I buy many Christian books for people as gifts for Christmas.  We spend more during the month of December than any month of the year.  Pastors don’t necessarily have a high salary.  But someone with a pastoral heart would want their congregation to grow spiritually using all available means including introducing good spiritual readings to the lives entrusted to their care.  It’s good to foster personal devotions of a church member outside of Sunday service.  But it doesn’t help that there’s also a lot of bad selections in “Christian books” that’s not theologically solid.  So how does one find good solid Christian books on the cheap for the many people in your lives?  While I have pastors in mind with this post I think this is helpful for all of God’s people as well.  Here’s what I do:


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For those who have followed Presuppositional apologetics for quite some time you might be familiar with the name Jeff Downs.  He is currently the pastor of Lebanon Presbyterian Church in South Carolina.  He is involved with the apologetics’ scene for years even before he officially became a pastor.  I look forward to what God will continue to do through him.  At his church he’s begun a series for his youth on apologetics.  This is currently an ongoing series.  

I’ve included the link to the Sermon audio page on the right with the direct link to the audios on the left.



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The Call to the Ministry Kindle Edition

So you want to be a Pastor or be full time in the ministry?  I think a “must read” for those who are wondering if they are called to the ministry is from chapter two of Spurgeon’s book, Lectures to My Students.  I’ve recommended serveral different guys this chapter in the last month or so.  It has come to my attention that this chapter has also been adapted into a short kindle booklet which is nice if one wants a short document on their kindle library rather than the entire volume of Lectures to My Students.  This is a convicting message by Spurgeon and it spoke powerfully to me before I entered the ministry and now currently in ministry.  I also enjoyed Spurgeon’s exposition on the bad reasons why people entered ministry.  Readers shouldn’t miss his story of the self-professing “best applicant” that tried to entered Spurgeon’s Pastor’s college and Spurgeon’s account of the interview.

Purchase: Amazon

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