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Is church discipline unloving?  How many times it has happened in churches all across America where leaders in the church say practicing church discipline as described in the Bible in such places as Matthew 18 is “unloving.”  Then their reasoning continues with the conclusion that “if  church discipline is unloving therefore we should not practice church discipline.”

We as Christians must ask if this type of argument is biblical.

Let me be clear up front that I think people can mess up church discipline in an unloving manner, just like how people can mess any good and right act outwardly with a wrong motive and attitude.

However the issue I want to deal with is whether church discipline in of itself is “unloving.”  I think the contents of the book of 1 Corinthians helps us answer this question biblically.


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It is a small book on the controversial topic of church discipline. The strength of this book is that it is clear, direct and Biblical. Both Pastors and church members will benefit from reading it. The author begins with startling statistics of the large percentage of Pastors and church leaders who confess of neglecting the practice of church discipline. As the rest of the book demonstrates, the Bible is not vague on church discipline, which is described and prescribed in the Bible. I appreciate how early in the book the author stated the main objective of church discipline is restoration and not punishment. I also appreciate how the book deals with the major objection against church discipline, with the charge that we are not to judge others. The apologist within me is quick to point out the self-defeating nature of such an objection, but the author takes the more pastoral route in his response by showing from Scriptural data of when it is right and proper to judge, and when it is not right to judge. Again, this is very helpful. While some of the book’s interaction with the Biblical author can be gain from other books that touches on church discipline (typically within volumes on ecclesiology), I found this book to be uniquely helpful with its discussion on the parameter of sins that leads to church discipline, what the biblical evidence of repentance looks like and the need for forgiveness in the restoration process. For those who are unfamiliar with what the Bible has to say about church discipline, this should be the first stop.

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The guys over at Team Pyro responds to a recent current event of a lady in sin who has gone public to the media to fight back against a church who’s exercising church discipline.

The pastors happened to be graduates of The Master’s Seminary.

Some good points made about her irrationality of going to the Media about the church ‘making her sins public’:

  1. Ms. Hancock is so worried about how hearing of her sin in church will affect her (adult) children… that she goes to the media with it? So, instead of a small local congregation knowing about her sin, now (potentially) the whole world knows about her sin. That makes sense? Neither reporter thought to ask her about that?
  2. In fact, we’re to believe that Ms. Hancock thinks it would have less of a negative impact on her children to have the whole world know (A) of her sin, and (B) of her unwillingness to take responsibility for it. That made sense to the reporters? No question-marks? None?

For more read here: http://teampyro.blogspot.com/2008/12/breaking-news-church-dares-to-practice.html

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