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A weekend nonfiction book review.  Because even Pastors need a break from heavy theological readings.

Mitch Weiss.  The Heart of Hell: The Untold Story of Courage and Sacrifice in the Shadow of Iwo Jima.  New York, NY: Penguin Group, March 1st 2016. 432 pp.

5 out of 5

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This book tells the story of a Navy craft on the eve of the Marines’ landing on the island of Iwo Jima.  It is not a story of the small boat per se (the craft is Landing Craft Infantry 449) but the stories of the men who make up the crew of Landing Craft Infantry 449.  This is the first naval history book I read of World War Two as an adult.  I certainly enjoyed it and learned a lot from it in terms of human nature, war and humanity.  In this review I want to first note the helpful format of the book and then discuss the content of the book itself.


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Yesterday (June 4th) was the date of the 24th Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre by the Chinese Government.

It’s today still one of my strong childhood memory seeing it on TV.

I watched the video on Youtube and it got me thinking about moral courage.

What does it mean to have courage?

Here was courage at another level: An ordinary man (complete with shopping bag) doing the extraordinary thing of standing against evil at a great risk to his own life and does it even when it seems that no one is right there with you and that no other mortal will see and hold you in high esteem for what you done.

It got me thinking about the reality that God sees all our ways and knows our heart’s deepest recess.

If we live in light of a Biblical theology proper, wouldn’t we have the courage of the Tank Man in Tienanmen Square in 1989?

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