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One of the leading Reformed Christian scholar responding to the Insider Movement is David Garner, a professor from the Westminster Theological Seminary (WTS).

He was the chairman for the three year study committee on the Insider Movement for his denomination, the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA).

He has written a five part series over at his blog with the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals that must not be missed.  It took him several months but he completed at the end of last month!

The following are the links to his articles:

Stay In or Come Out

Old Trumps New or New Trumps Old?

Who am I and Who Says?

Missions: The Kingdom of Christ or the Church?

Church, Stay Out of Missions!

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PCA Report Insider Movement

Yesterday post I talked about how there are problems with some leading missionary strategists who pushes forth methods that are problematic.  This problematic movement that stresses contextualization is called the Insider Movement.  I’m glad to finally see that there are people who are responding to this biblically and exposing them.

One set of documents that are going to be important in the years to come is the report that the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA) has adopted in the General Assembly meeting on June 17-19, 2014 concerning the Insider Movement.   While it is prepared for the PCA, nevertheless there will be many in other denominations that will find this report helpful.  The chairman of Study Committee on the Insider Movement is Dr. David Garner who is a professor at the Westminster Theological Seminary and someone who have extensively researched and critiqued the Insider Movement.

Both these documents are in English and are available as PDFs.



May the Lord use this to warn and equip God’s people of the Insider Movement

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Videos of Christian Answers to Hard Questions by Westminster Theological Seminary As a busy pastor discipling God’s people I see the need for books that are short, concise, biblical and hard hitting as a resource in training up God’s people to have a Christian worldview (among other things of course). I have found that the series of booklet titled “Christian Answers to Hard Questions” written by various faculty of Westminster Theological Seminary to be quite helpful in that regards.  I have reviewed some of them in the past on our blog and Lord willing next week I’ll be reviewing several more of these works.  (I will also link my reviews on here under each booklet for those who may wish to bookmark this) You can order them as a set from WTS Bookstore at 50% off by clicking HERE. Eight of nine works have already been published; the one still not available is on the topic of Creation, Evolution and Intelligent Design. The following below are videos related to each of these wonderful little booklets.  I think these videos are also helpful!

Christian Interpretations of Genesis 1

Rev. Dr. Vern Poythress

Christianity and the Role of Philosophy

Rev. Dr. K. Scott Oliphint

(My Review)

Should You Believe in God?

Rev. Dr. K. Scott Oliphint

(My Review)

Was Jesus Really Born of a Virgin?

Rev. Dr. Brandon Crowe

The Morality of God in the Old Testament

Rev. Dr. Gregory Beale

(My Review)

Did Adam Exist?

Rev. Dr. Vern Poythress (My Review)

How Did Evil Come Into This World?

Rev. Dr. WilliamEdgar (My Review)

How Can I Know?

Rev. Dr. David Garner (My Review)

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The Reformed Forum have recently completed a show on the Insider Movement that is really into a form of “Contextualization” that is dangerous in subverting the Gospel presentation itself.  You can access the show by clicking HERE.  They have also given linked to resources provided by those being interviewed such as this article on the Insider’s Movement’s heremeneutics by David Garner and a documentary titled “Half Devil Half Child” which website can be accessed here.  On their website they provided further links as resources on this topic:

Idolatry in the Modern Missions Movement
by Mark Stephan

Position Paper on the Insider Movement
by Georges Houssney

Alignment and Balance: A Biblical Basis for Missions
by Basil Grafas

Insider Movements: An Evangelical Assessment
by Basil Grafas The “Insider Movement”: A Brief Overview and Analysis
by Khalil Ullah

The Emergence of Insider Movements
by Bill Nikides

Boulder In The Pond: Finally Stepping Up To the Threat of Insider Movements
by Bill Nikides

Insider Movements: Honoring God-Given Identity and Community (PDF)
by Rebecca Lewis

The Integrity of the Gospel and Insider Movements (PDF)
by Rebecca Lewis

Promoting Movements to Christ within Natural Communities (PDF)
by Rebecca Lewis

Messianic Muslim Followers of Isa: A Closer Look at C5 Believes and Congretations
by John Travis

Followers ofJesus (Isa) in Islamic Mosques (PDF)
by Timothy C. Tennent

A Humble Appeal to C5/Insider Movement Muslim Ministry Advocates to Consider Ten Questions (with responses from Brother Yusuf, Rick Brown, Kevin Higgins, Rebecca Lewis and John Travis
by Gary Corwin


Stop Supporting Wycliffe’s Current Bible Translation for Muslims, PCA Advises Churches
by Jeremy Weber (Christianity Today)

Father and Son Terminology- Inspired or Superfluous?
by Adam Simonwitz

Jumping the Sinking Wycliffe Ship: Why Theology Matters
by David Irvine

Muslim Idiom Bible Translations: Claims and Facts
by Rick Brown

Brief Response to Rick Brown’s “Breif Analysis of Filial and Paternal Terms in the Bible”
by Michael Marlowe


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