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The Dividing Line has a good episode where James White critique Bart Erhman during a radio show with the infidel guy, before the scheduled debate of Dr. White and Dr. Erhman on Wednesday January 21st, 2009.

The link to the show can be found here: http://www.aomin.org/podcasts/20090113fta.mp3

I believe this link only works for a limited time.  It is fascinating.

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James White during the “DIVIDING LINE” announced that he will be planning to work on his PHD on Islamic Studies.

He also discusses during the show why he is pursuing this and puts into perspective why it would be important that he is doing this.  To this I agree.

We can all pray for him, as this would be busy for his ministry (as if it’s not already, with all his responses to everybody from Arminians to Liberalism and the Cults.

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