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This Elephant room thing is getting a little bit out of control by the minute.

So the issue that people have concerning T.D. Jakes on the show and embracing him as a brother is his heretical theology: (1) His view of the Trinity and (2) his word of faith prosperity gospel.

So how does the Elephant Room responds to this?

Character assassination…and attacking African American Christians who speaks out against TD Jakes.

Talk about a red herring from the issue about the centrality of the Gospel.

You have to watch this clip, it’s unbelievable:

I can’t believe it has to get this low, to pull the race card, and a big red herring from the main point.  The issue is the theological content that T.D. Jakes subscribe to!

But can’t one also turn this psycho-assertions against the very ones saying it? If you watch this clip, the “White Elephant” (pun intended) that’s in the room is the host, James MacDonald.  These guys are invited on the show to talk about African American Reformed preachers who speak out against T.D. Jakes.  It seems as if these guys are trying to gain access into the Elephant in the Room Volume 2, a world that is dominated by the host who is an older white guy.  It seems that the guy is here pontificating his opinion against some other Black preachers to gain more leverage into the crowd who watches the Elephant Room.



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