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(Note: This is a guest post written by Wally Fry who blogs here.  I am currently away and I am thankful to Wally for this guest post.  If you have thoughts and questions, feel free to comment and when he has time he will respond.)

Crowns In Heaven-How’s That Work? 

We will all be judged 

The Bible is quite clear in teaching that every single human who has ever lived will be judged at some point in time. Here we are going to briefly discuss the judgment of Believers, which will take place at the Bema, or the Judgment Seat of Christ. We need to clarify one thing quickly before we dive into this topic. The Judgment Seat of Christ is not a judgment to determine whether we are admitted into Heaven or cast into Hell; believers have made that particular decision during their lives here on Earth. 


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Speaks for itself.  Well done illustration.

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The Heavenly truth that God will give believers eternal rewards should motivate us in doing ministry.

Randy Alcorn put our grumbling in ministry in perspective:

What a motivation this is when we feel our labors are unappreciated by others!  We can be freed frmo the burden of concern about whether others overlook our deeds, because God assures us that he will not overlook them.  When we understand what it means to be promised a reward from God, any prospects of rewards from others–or any bitterness for not being rewarded by them–will shrink in comparison.” (Money, Possessions and Eternity, page 129).

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