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Often it’s heard that Cornelius Van Til, Covenantal apologetics or Presuppositionalism do not believe in giving evidences for the truth of Christianity when in actuality the issue is that they are concern about one’s philosophy of evidence that interprets or misinterprets “evidences.”

A recent Westminster Theological Journal article might be of interests to the readers, which is made available by the writer, is concern with Cornelius Van Til, evidences and John Locke’s evidentialism.   I have provided links to two different articles on PDF related to Van Til, evidences and philosophy of evidence:

1.) Christianity and Evidentialism: Van Til and Locke on Facts and Evidence.

2.) A Proposal on the Occasion and the Method of Presenting Evidence within a Van Tillian Framework.

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 This has been of interests for me lately.


THe audio to the Free Pod Cast is for a limited time. Its a discussion between Gene Cook and a guy that leans more Evidential.

More could be expanded upon it, which I hope to discuss and cover here in blog-bit size, as time goes on.

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