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Marines body armor

Point: Many people today think it is wrong for Christians to correct wrong beliefs and worldview of others.  Sure Christians must do so with love but pointing out what is wrong and especially pointing out the wrong gospel that doesn’t save isn’t wrong.  Similarly some people need to understand that after hearing the true and biblical Gospel they need to trust in the Gospel (and that means trusting in Christ’s person and work).  Is there any helpful illustration to convey this?

Picture: When I was younger I was in the Marines and went to Iraq.  This is a tale of two Marines and their body Armor.


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This is a guest post from Pastor Shaun Marksbury.  He blogs over at Gospel Living.


Sometimes, it’s easy to identify the wolves in our midst. Bells and buzzers everywhere should resound if someone next Sunday says, “The gospel message has been wrong for these past two millennia, but I have the real deal.” Thank you, but I think you want the Mormon ward down the street.

Even so, when Jude talks about wolves who have sneaked into the church, doctrine is not the only test he gives. In fact, it is possible for someone to espouse correct theology while being, in fact, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Just as wolves may listen to Kenneth Copeland or Joyce Meyer, they also might have the MacArthur New Testament Commentary Series on their shelves. Those will be the harder cases to identify, and Jude helps us with these, as well.

So, here are seven markers of a wolf outside of poor theology. Obviously, we’ll have some overlap here.


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The Strange Fire Conference is going on right now which you can see livestreamed here and of course the internet is buzzing.

charismatic chaos

We will be blogging a bit on this topic the next few days and Lord willing I myself want to focus a bit on some of the problematic Charistmatic/Prosperity Gospel in the Asian scene.  My concern is primarily centered on the issue of the Gospel and the worldliness of several proponents.

In this post I want to answer the question, “Why?”

Why should our blog tackle this issue when we can just focus on apologetics and only deal with Presuppositional apologetics and be happy with our niche?

Mennoknight over at his blog probably put it better in words than I could several days ago.  Although he writes this in the context of the problem of false teaching in Africa, I think the situation applies in the Asian context or anywhere right now in the world for that matter.  MennoKnight’s point is worth an extended block quote, challenging our priorities in apologetics:

Africa is drowning in prosperity gospel heretics and signs & wonders churches; the prosperity gospel is the face of Christianity in Africa…far more than I ever anticipated before I started this research.  It’s absolutely disgusting, and the influential churches in the west need to take out the axe and start clearing up shop.

Forget the atheists.  There’s a few thousand of them and they’re not worth wasting time on.  They’ve proven to be a total waste of time, every time…

Forget 99% of Western apologetics.  Who CARES about who’s debating another biology/zoology/whatever professor turned atheist/darwinist crusader?  I’d dare suggest that the debates that need to be done have already be done fifteen times over again.  Let’s give all our apologists a holiday and send in someone who will settle the issues at hand

I say a hearty amen.

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Members of the Secret Service wait after

Point: It has become somewhat of a cliche sermon illustration about how the United States Secret Service train their agents and the public to spot counterfeits bills by exculsively studying the details of real currencies as opposed to counterfeits ones.  This illustration is often given to make the point that as believers if we only just focus on knowing the truth thoroughly this will make it unnecessary to study or be familiar with falsehood out there.  While I do think it is important for Christians to know God’s truth adequately, this does not mean that there is no place for addressing specific falsehood by critically studying it and warning others about them.  I’m convinced that as a pastor, one must connect the dot between God’s truth with godly application and practice since people often need the extra help of knowing what the application looks like.  Similarly teaching on the area of worldview and theological discernment sometimes require identifying, alerting and refuting specific false views our culture, friends, families and opponents are espousing.  It’s important to show what is true while at the same time show examples of falsehood that believers ought to watch out for since Scripture itself does this (ex: Matthew 23, 1 Timothy 4, Jude, etc).  And contrary to the popular illustration, the Secret Service does give attention to the details of what counterfeit looks like (but always in light of what is real).

The following illustrates the truth that resources the Secret Service provide for banks and the public in identifying counterfeit currency at times does take into account what counterfeits looks like.

Illustration: Note this old video by the Treasury Department in conjunction with the United States Secret Service:

You will notice that there is a comparison between counterfeit bills with real ones, counterfeit money making devices with actual ones.

This was not only true then, but it’s also true today.  The Secret Service devotes a portion of their website to the public education of knowing your money.  If you look at the pages here, here and here, you will note images of details  between real money–and counterfeit ones.

counterfiet bill indicators

counterfiet bill indicators 2

One can imagine that training for Secret Service agents who are professionals will be more indepth concerning details of real currency–and the latest developments and trends in false counterfeits.



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