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Don’t just think about riches today;

If you allow me to be your investment strategist (I don’t know anything about stocks and investment by the way), I would advise you invest to diversify and ALSO INVEST for the FUTURE.

MATTHEW 6:19-20=

“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.”

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Do you know a skill, or have a way of doing something, or can teach some subject real well?


Gary North, has an excellent piece on making money; before anyone comment about the motive and whether this post is ‘selfish’ and promoting people to sin,

Do note that the point of the entry is to be wise stewards of what God has given you.

I quote in part, in hope that you read this short article in its entirety.

Think of teachers in the public schools. The things they know! Yet they sell this information year by year, class by class, to one school district. What if they sold this information to the general public?

If you can teach math, or auto repair, or cooking, or almost anything else, you can find buyers. You can create a side business that will support you in your retirement, so called. Do it in your spare time.

One of the ways to do this is to start producing home-made, low-budget or no-budget videos.

If you doubt the marketing power of homemade videos, consider the investment YouTube.


Anyone interested in short internet video clips on Presuppositional Apologetics, examples of dialogues in action, etc???

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I was inspired after reading a post about NBC’s decision to censor parts of the video series, Veggie Tales. The post suspected that Phil probably did it for the money.

Upon further searching I found an article by Christianity Today, revealing that Big Idea Productions, the original animation studio, was sued for breach of contract by Lyrick Studios leading to an award of 11 million in damages.

This lawsuit was due to the Big Idea Productions decision to change distribution from Lyrick Studios to Warner Brothers after the original owner Dick Leah sold his company to HIT Entertainment, Dich Leah dying from a tragic fall shortly thereafter.

Thus, Veggie Tales is not owned by Phil, but Classic Media, whom won it after an auction that liquidated Big Idea Productions. Although another article by Free Republic, does reveal that Phil Vischer did have some input in the changes and the network agreement. I am skeptical after after reading his personal account at philvischer.com, as well as the article in Christianity Today that Phil was motivated by money.

For a related article on NBC’s censorship see Al Mohler’s article on Veggie Tales.

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Whether the investor investing in stocks, or Christian investing in the kingdom, don’t get caught up on numbers alone.

In an article by Robert Kiyosaki about investing in silver, Robert characterizes people that look only at the prices. Though Robert attempted to explain why the prices would go up, it was only after the prices went up they realized the value.

Likewise, whether leading morning prayer, bible study, or church service let’s not look at only the number of attendees, the number of baptisms, or the number of prayer requests. Like the roller coaster of the stock market, Christians may find themselves on an emotional roller coaster: overjoyed at the number of altar calls, discouraged at the number that fell; gleeful when new people show up, downcast when no one shows up.

Rather than worrying about ministering to those not there, minster to those that are. Rather than worrying about ministering when no one is there, minister to yourself! Don’t look at the numbers and miss the value like the investors above. Find out what God is doing to you, for you and not just through you.

God is sovereign and everything has a purpose. If you are the only person at prayer- God may want you to pray alone. If you minister to a hardened heart- God is also ministering to you.

Just as Robert quotes Warren Buffet as calling people engrossed in the price foolish, let us Christians not be foolish and understand the will of God.

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