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Stuart Delony writes about the Fox’s creation of a new division: FoxFaith.

I was surprised upon visiting their website that they were selling the DVD End of the Spear, produced by Bearing Fruit Communications. Perhaps they bought the rights to the DVD?

Upon further exploration I found “Hollywood turns to divine inspiration” from USAToday.com.

Follow the money!

One excerpt from the article quotes Steve Feldstein of 20th Century Fox’s new division, Fox Faith,”Executives discovered that a thumbs-up from a pastor could go further than from a film critic and that word of mouth spreads pretty quickly in a church, he says.”

The article goes on to elaborate it’s case on the benefits of marketing to the Christian market saying, “Indeed, studios are finding that ministers who preach to flocks of 5,000 or more a week can be as powerful a marketing tool as a slick advertising campaign.”

The ramifications of this? I think Christians will have to equip themselves with doctrine so that they can be discerning about the incoming tides of Christian-themed movies. I don’t look forward to untying the knots of confusion caused by Da Vinci Code-copies.

On a lighter note, maybe we can develop a new niche rating Christian movies. Popcorn anyone?


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