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It’s Valentine’s Day.   I know the world have a view of “love” that is different than that found in the Bible.

I thought this would be an edifying message for those who are “single single” and “single like pringles” (you got to listen to the message) to listen to on a day that often portray love as lusts or love as so lofty that some people love the idea of falling in love more than actually loving someone.

So what does God want and what does the Bible say about courtship and relationships?


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What He Must Be If He Wants to Marry My Daughter Bauchman

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Among the many Christian books on family, courtship and fatherhood that I have read, I think this book has become one of my top five.  While the book was intended to address fathers to encourage them to think biblically of what to look for in a man who wants to marry their daughter, nevertheless I think others can benefit from reading this book too such as single mothers evaluating those interested in their daughters, or the young man who want to become a godly husband in the future.  A young woman who wants to understand her father’s responsibility in the area of courtship and Pastors who wishes to teach a biblical view of courtship to their church will also benefit from reading this work.

The author Voddie Bauchman is a big advocate of a biblical view of family and has previously authored Family Driven Faith.  I find the emphasis in the book on the role of parents and especially that of fathers in the courtship of young Christian couples to be refreshing since it seems as if many contemporary Christian books on courtship hasn’t explain as clearly as this one did of the role of fathers in their child’s courtship.  Bauchman packs many practical advice and exhortation in this book that is biblical and wise.  As a father of two young daughters both of whom are under three years old at the of this review, this book made me realized that I can’t be too early in thinking about and preparing my daughter for marriage (let me add the caveat that preparing and training them for marriage now doesn’t mean I’m gong to have them marry at this moment!  I do think we must do so in a way that is age appropriate).  I appreciate the opening chapter on the multigenerational vision in the Bible that goes beyond the topic of courtship and about the family, church and society.  Bauchman uses his own background of broken family in the book to point to us the importance of doing family God’s way rather than what our society says.  I also appreciated how the author skillfully went through some of the passages from the Bible that I have not thought of in connection to fathers and daughter’s relationship and the broader topic of courtship—he even navigated exceptionally well through Old Testament passages in which he acknowledges the original recipients were Jews while maintaining that there are some wise principles to gain from looking at them even when the civil force of these laws are currently not enforced.  I also appreciate how Bauchman is realistic to realize the pool of godly candidates to marry our daughters are probably small and in chapter ten he gives us instruction of how, by the grace of God, we can go “build” godly men ourselves in the local church.  Here we see the importance of making disciples of younger men by older men does have some earthly blessing.

I won’t want to give away the whole book in this review.  Looking at my book and seeing all the highlights reminds me there is many things I could have talked about.  Go and get this book.

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What a world we live in.  The signs of the times.

While reading the news, I saw the headline “Miley Cyrus breaking her silence about VMA performance” over at CNN.   I’m surprised: The news is still talking about her a week later?

It isn’t just what Miley says, but the writer for CNN as well that I thought was foolish in God’s eyes.

Miley Cyrus has a message for the haters: You are overthinking it.”

Response: Seriously?  It’s not just haters, it’s people that see what she has done as inappropriate and are also concern for her and and concern about how our MTV culture commodify her physically to get ratings.  Moral sensibilities is not the same thing as overthinking.

The singer has broken her silence regarding the MTV Video Music Awards performance that set tongues wagging (and some other parts shaking as folks tried to imitate her twerking).”

Response: Proverbs 17:28 comes to mind: “Even a fool, when he keeps silent, is considered wise; When he closes his lips, he is considered prudent.”

Cyrus, in an interview feature on that network’s site, said she doesn’t “pay attention to the negative.”

Response: I doubt it especially since she’s doing this for attention which she admits below.  It’s like a drug when people who care about what people think: they get a little high but then it always comes back to haunting them that not everyone likes them; they wonder if people think badly of them and it starts the vicious cycle for crying for attention again.  How sad.  While not all the negative things said about her since the performance is good or godly, I wish someone could share to her biblical concerns for what she was doing.  I know several years ago she was still claiming to be a Christian and I wonder if she still makes any claim to being a believer, if so, I hope she sees that there are legitimate concern about her promotion of sexual lewdness.  That’s no way to dance with another man.  Especially one who is in his 30s and is married with children.

“Me and Robin (Thicke) the whole time said, ‘You know we’re about to make history right now,’ ” Cyrus said in a clip provided to MTV.

Response: One can make history by becoming famous…or one can make history by becoming infamous.

Cyrus’ dance routine and provocative outfit were the talk of the VMAs, and the former child star is fully aware they have garnered her what most celebs covet — the public’s attention.

Response: Cyrus has a serious issue of “public attention” as her idol.  That’s her functional god if she’s willing to go so far as to push the moral and sexual line for media attention.

She points out in the clip that what she did is nothing new. “How many times have we seen this play out in pop music?” Cyrus asked. “Madonna’s done it, Britney’s done it. Every VMA performance. Anyone that performs, that’s what you’re looking for. You are wanting to make history.” She goes on to say in the clip, which was reportedly recorded three days after the performance, that it’s amazing how much buzz the whole thing has garnered.”

Response: Cyrus, Madonna and Spears are all about shocking people for attention.   The thing about this strategy is that if one keeps doing the same thing as the ones before them, it gets old and in order to get more attention, these girls have to become more and more crass, more and more preverted and selling their bodies and their souls for high google ranking for a week.  While they make “history,” soon like other scandalous stars and starlets before them, they are going to be forgotten by men.  How many people remember the scandalous women of the Silent Film era, or the early days of talkies, etc?

“You are thinking about it more than I thought about it when I did it,” Cyrus said. “I didn’t even think about it when I did it because that’s just me.”

Response: Did you catch that?  “I didn’t even think about it when I did it.”  Think about it.  It would be so funny if it wasn’t so sad.

Miley needs the Gospel of Jesus Christ to save her from her idol: Public attention. This is her god, she is willing to offer body visually as a sacrifice in order to get her god.  She needs the Gospel of Jesus Christ: Where sex is neither a god, nor something in of itself that is gross, but a gift from God.  God need to work in her to regenerate her to see her sins and her idols as they really are, and as really bad as the BIble says it is.  My prayer is that the Spirit does this, she gets convicted, turn to Jesus with her faith (trust) in Him alone, to be saved by God’s Grace alone in Christ alone.  Cyrus needs to repent before God before it’s too late and not presume that she’s young and has all the time before her.

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I thank God for The Master’s Seminary putting things up online for free for God’s people!  That include this helpful counseling course on Counseling Marriage and Family on Youtube for free!

My wife and I are watching through this slowly every night on Tuesday.  It would be helpful for Pastors and non-Pastors, husbands and wives to watch this so that you can help counsel others with marriage and family problem.  Of course, like with all biblical counseling it ends up sanctifying and changing more the Christian counselors than even the counselee.

Enjoy and share with others!



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More than a commercialized and materialistic Valentines, I thought it’s good for the Christian to focus back on a God-centered understanding of marital love.

I have listening to Joe Morecraft’s sermons on Christian Marriage and I am currently on the fifth sermon.

Thought I shared them with you, for something to listen to after Valentines Day if you are married, or soon to be married =)

Godly Marriage 2: How Your Marriage Can Be Normal

Godly Marriage 3: How to Love Your Wife

Godly Marriage 4: How to Understand Your Spouse

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