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In the liberal Western world we live in today, you would think that almost every freedom of speech and assembly is protected,

But the hypocrisy knows no limit…the double standards!

Those who speak about the danger of Radical Islam is not allowed to travel because their speech is hateful, but the freedom of threatening demonstration of radical Islam is looked the other way

Throwing a shoe at an American President is praised but those who throw a shoe against the flag of Hamas would receive physical threats and then get attacked at San Francisco State University!

So attacking cowardly British Cops in an anti-Israel conflict demonstration is met with no reprecussion, but to practice the first admendment of passing out anti-abortion literature would result in police arrest despite later having no charges pressed…

This is the West…anything of Christianity is typically opposed and concession towards Radical Islam is giving way…

Is this signs of things to come? If so, let us keep evangelizing!

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In California, Conservatives have been cheated once again with Governor Arnold


The word “MOM” and “DAD” is now banned in schools in California

Talk about stupidity

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Latest Trinity Review feature portions from a new reprint of Gordon Clark’s “In Defense of Theology” that is now published by John Robbins of Trinity Foundation

See the Trinity Review in PDF file here:


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The book will be out later in the fall and is critical against the Evangelical Right.

Its like the trend always to bash Christianity or Evangelical Christians.

What is interesting is that the author is Frank Schaeffer, son of the famous Francis Schaeffer.

Gary DeMar wrote a review of it here:


FOr more background about Frank, Gary North wrote an interesting polemical piece back in 1992 at


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