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Here’s our blog’s three part outline series on Godly Communication for Marriage.  I think its appropriate that I shared this on Mother’s Day.  For husbands among the many things you can give your spouse, one thing I think our spouse would really appreciate is being better in communicating and communing with our spouse.

For those that have read these posts before I think it is also worth bookmarking and reviewing since it pays great dividends in godliness and marriage to review how to biblically communicate in marriage.

Feel free to comment and share if the Lord used these posts and the biblical truths to encourage you in any way!

So here’s the table of contents of this series:



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I think the one thing that prepared me for the marriage the most personally has been learning to love those who are difficult.  This include loving those who are difficult.  It requires perseverance.  It requires commitment.  It requires going to God for strength to love and also repentance for not being loving.  But through it all God is growing me if the other person is not growing.


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Compatibility: Is it important and how important is it?


Purpose: In this session we will consider the issue of compatibility by understanding the following three points:

  1. Point 1: We need to be aware that sometimes people can over-exaggerate the claim of a couple’s differences as the primary source of their problems.
  2. Point 2: We need to pursue compatibility of biblical belief and practices instead of superficial similarities.
  3. Point 3: We need to pursue biblical solutions for differences in relationship and marriage


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I will be honest I often find my guard go up when I think of our society’s view of love on Valentines Day.  On this day we can see how how society can sentimentalize love.  It can even commercialize and cheapen love.

But that’s not a biblical view of love.


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Here are some of my posts that got my very zealous while I was writing about God’s way with singleness, courtship, marriage, love and purity.  I hope it encourages God’s people in the place they are at with life.

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Establish the need: How is your communication with your spouse? Specifically do you enjoy communicating with your spouse?

Purpose: Today we shall look at four points to help us communicate better by enjoying communicating with your spouse.

  1. You must enjoy communicating with your spouse
  2. Symptoms of not enjoying discussion with your spouse
  3. What to talk to your spouse about
  4. Assessing what you are talking to your spouse about

Introductory words

Last time we looked at listening. Listening is the foundation for good communication.

Now we want build on that with the matter of the heart: Enjoy communicating with your spouse.


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Establish the need: How is your communication with your spouse? Specifically how are you with listening to your spouse?

Purpose: Today we shall look at five points to help us communicate better by being better listeners.

  1. The importance of listening
  2. Symptoms of listening problem
  3. Reasons we are quick to talk
  4. Reasons we are slow to listen
  5. How to Listen Well


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