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Pastor and apologist Jeff Durbin has given a message last month that I somehow missed on Mormonism.

Here’s the video description:

Don’t miss this important message delivered by Jeff Durbin at a conference on Christian Apologetics. Jeff Durbin, of Apologia Church/Radio/TV, spoke on how to engage our Mormon friends, family, and neighbors.


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Pastor Jeff Durbin and Apologia Church roll out some good resources such as Apologia Radio show and also various videos in which they show what Presuppositional apologetics in action looks like.

They have started something called Apologia Academy and have made available for free in its entirety the following video concerning Presuppositional apologetics tackling Mormonism.


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Jeff Durbin


In 2013 I found out about Pastor/apologist/evangelist Jeff Durbin largely from his Apologia radio show and clips of him on Youtube.

Two days ago he loaded up on his Youtube page a video that feature his message on witnessing to Mormons.  Enjoy!

Video Description:

Christian Pastor and Apologist, Jeff Durbin, gives a lesson on reaching Mormons with the Biblical Gospel at the ‘Sound and Pound’ conference. Jeff gives examples of encounters and an explanation on what you need to know to minister effectively to Mormons.

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Over at Defending. Contending. Blog, one of the blogger name “The Pilgrim” has a great post on Mormonism in light of the passing Martin Luther King Day

Check out the link here

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