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As I mentioned earlier I’m on vacation.  Here’s a work I finished!

Arthur Herman. 1917: Lenin, Wilson, and the Birth of the New World Disorder.  New York, NY: Harper, November 28th 2017. 448 pp.

5 out of 5

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This book is on both Woodrow Wilson and Vladimir Lenin.  At first one might think these men are diametrically different from one another but the author Arthur Herman successfully show reader how much the two of them are alike and how both men shaped what the twentieth century would be like.  A fascinating historical book even for those who know about both men since this work is still profitable for readers to see the comparison and contrast of the two men and also the timeline of both their lives.  I agree with the author’s thesis that these two men shaped much of the Twentieth Century.  I learned a lot from this book.


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