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John Charles Ryle. Thoughts for Young Men.  Pensacola, FL: Chapel Library, August 17, 2015. 44 pp.

5 out of 5

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What is a book a young person can read to grow spiritually and maturity?  This is a classic by John Charles Ryle that is a timeless classic.  I think given our time this is also edifying for people in their 20s to also read.  John Charles Ryle who is best known by his pen name J.C. Ryle wrote this filled with godly and biblical exhortations that isn’t just applicable to his time period.  In fact in reading this the second time and also in conjunction with the youths in our church (pre-teens and teens) I felt it is more relevant and edifying than when I first read it ten years ago in my 20s.


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Arthur Pink. The Prodigal son. Pensacola, FL: Chapel Library, April 27th, 2020. 31 pp.

4 out of 5

Free: Chapel Library

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Do you know of the Parable of the Prodigal Son in the Bible?  It is one of my favorite parable told by Jesus; in fact it is the most detailed parable of Jesus that is recorded in the four Gospels.  This parable illustrates the amazing love of God for sinner who repent and turn to God and Christ.  I was blessed reading this booklet by Arthur Pink and his exposition of this famous story.


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Sovereignty of God Arthur Pink

Arthur W. Pink. The Sovereignty of God.  Pensacola, FL: Chapel Library, April 1st, 2013. 270 pp.

I was blessed reading through this book which served as a theological devotional while I was working on my church’s series through the Sovereignty of God.  Pink shares many Bible verses to make his case that God is sovereign and in control of all things over several chapters such as “The Sovereignty of God in Creation,” “The Sovereignty of God in Administration,” etc.  In the forward of the book Pink acknowledges that the most controversial part of the book for many would be the chapter on the sovereignty of God n reprobation but I think Pink’s position is biblical however unpopular it may be.  I was really amazed at how well Pink dealt with the subject of God’s sovereignty and the human will.  There were things Pink said that I thought were newer insights of contemporary Calvinists who are more philosophically attuned that Pink said in less philosophical in jargon.  I was impressed and I supposed I learned from this that there is nothing new under the sun.


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A light-hearted post today.

You know you are a Calvinist when you see the letter “A” and “W” together and it remind you of several good things from the Lord…

A W pinkA.W. Pink


A.W. Tozer

And also of God’s common grace:


A&W Root Beer

And of course, you can’t spell “Awesome” without A and W.

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The Doctrine of Election Arthur Pink

Review: A classic by Arthur Pink, this is a short exposition of the Bible’s doctrine of election. If you are familiar with other works by Pink you will know that he often goes over Calvinistic doctrines, show where it is derived from Scripture and also show its implication. These practical implications predominately addresses the heart and motive and the right perspective of the Christian life. I enjoyed the discussion about justice and the issue of fairness when it comes to election, which Pink addresses in light of the truth of total depravity. I especially like how the book ended noting how the confidence we have in the Christian life in obeying and following God rests on the sovereignty of God’s work in the life of the believer. Excellent work, edifying for the soul.

You can get the book for free to read online.

For the book in PDF format click HERE (courtesy of Monergism.com).

For the book in HTML format broken down by chapters click HERE (courtesy of Providence Baptist Ministries).

Or if you want the book on Kindle (though it cost 99 cents, but it’s worth it!) you can get it by clicking HERE.

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You might be a Calvinist if 1

As in Arthur Pink and James White, great men of God and authors of various Books.

Here are our reviews of works by Arthur Pink:

The Attributes of God by Arthur W. Pink: Review and source to free PDF!!

Review: Eternal Security by Arthur W. Pink and FREE ONLINE COPY AVAILABLE!

Review: A Biblical Refutation of Dispensationalism by Arthur Pink

Here are our reviews of works by James White:

EvangelZ’s Review: The King James Only Controversy by Dr. James White


Book review: What Every Christian Needs to Know about the Qur’an by James R. White

Lord willing, as time passes we will have more reviews by these two authors.  I have benefited from these two men.

If you are Calvinistic, have you read anything by Pink or White?

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eternal security pink

Note: I am reviewing this book as part of our biblical counseling and concern for psychology series on our blog.  EvangelZ previously wrote a good summary of Christian counseling is to glorify God as opposed to other man based system of “fixing” man which ranges from happiness to feeling better, etc.  The goal for Christians in counseling is to glorify God and ultimately we need to understand man’s problem in theological and biblical categories.  I find it quite fruitful in dealing with problems in the Christian life to discuss about the assurance of salvation and this book would be a great resource for you for that.


A book that has a doctrinal devotional flavor. Arthur Pink in this book talks about the doctrine of a believer’s security in their salvation. He gives particular care in his treatment so as to avoid the antinominan version of “once saved always saved” in which sanctification and holiness doesn’t even matter, while also avoiding the pitfalls of Arminianism that assumes we can lose our salvation. Antinomianism would lead one to become a libertine while Arminianism has the tendency of assuming legalism. The Biblical balance teaches that God not only ordained the eternal life of the elect but He has also ordained the means of a believer’s eternal security by persevering in the faith. Though the book is not as exegeticaly based as I would like, nevertheless Pink does give a good amount of verses for readers to look up and study further on. I appreciated that the doctrine of eternal security was not only discussed here in terms of it’s nature and importance, but also its’ benefits and marvel. Pink demonstrates in this book how this doctrine would motivate believers to holiness. A Practical book and was a great spiritual refreshment to read.


You can access a free copy of this book in PDF form by clicking HERE.

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Spiritually uplifting book. Challenges the readers to profit from the Word of God. The running theme is that the reading of the Word of God ought to change our lives, and that reading the Bible should not just be an academic exercise to add more intellectual contents to our minds. I would say this is probably my favorite work by Pink. Some of the points he made include the observation that a profitable reading of the Word of God ought to make us hate sin more, love Him more and desire to be obedient.

You can read the PDF of this book by clicking HERE.

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Good reading as a devotional. Each chapter is on a different attribute of God, such as God’s faithfulness, goodness, wrath and patience. I like how Pink does make a distinction between God’s patience and mercy, where one emphasis is on God’s slowness to anger and the other is God’s goodness in consideration of the good of those who are recieving mercy. One wonders what is the order of the arrangement of the chapters though. Other than that, as I said above, it is good primarily for a devotional read.

You can get the PDF of the book by clicking HERE.

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The author of this work went from being a Dispensationalist to becoming an adamant critic against Dispensationalism. This work is divided into five chapters, each that were originally published as five articles for the author’s magazine in 1952, the year of his death. Having spiritually benefited from Pink’s work, I do not think this particular work represents Pink’s at his finest. Readers who think of Dispensationalism largely in terms of the system that advocate a pre-tribulational rapture theory and Premillennialism will notice that these two doctrines are not the subject of discussion in the book. Instead, the book focuses largely on the hermeneutical issues of Dispsensationalism’s butchering of the Word of God as being no longer relevant for the church age. I find myself agreeing with Pink when it comes to the issue of more continuity between the Old and the New Testament more than perhaps the typical Dispensationalists would, but I do not believe Pink has offered a refutation of the essence of Dispensationalism. Here it might be good for readers to interact with the current work of contemporary Dispensationalist’s definition of Dispensationalism such as Michael Vlach of The Master’s Seminary and Dr. Feinberg’s contribution in the book, “Continuity and Discontinuity,” and also aware of the common myths about dispsensationalism such as it being necessarily antinominian, teaching salvation by the law, etc.

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