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These are links from January 31st, 2014 through Feb. 6th, 2014.

What links did you benefited from?

1.) Is Objectivity Possible?

2.) Bill Nye on U.S. Denial of Evolution

3.) MennoKnight live blogging of the the Ham on Nye debate…

4.) James Anderson’s Five Part Series on Worldview

5.) Presuppositional living

6.) Dealing with the objection “There is no proof that God exists

7.) Why Bill Nye lost the Creation Debate

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Ken Ham Bill Nye Debate 2014


Today (Feb. 4th, 2014) is the debate with Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis and Bill Nye the Science Guy on the topic of Creationism.  It is taking place at the Creation Museum but it will streamed online for free.

You can watch the debate live and for free if you click HERE.

Kent Hovind will also have a pre-show and a post show to discuss about the debate.  If you are interested click HERE.

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Thought I write a response concerning Bill Nye’s comment but why reinvent the wheels?

1.) Bill and his Pie in the Sky over at Choosing Hats.

2.) Bil Nye the Anti-Science Guy by Dr. Jay Wile.

3.) Bill Nye the Intolerant Science Guy by Casey Luskin.

4.) Bill Nye’s Crusade for Your Kids by Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell.

5.) Bill Nye the Scie…Foolish Guy by Tony Miano.

6.) Al Mohler’s take on The Briefing.

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