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After You've Blown It


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Let’s face it: We all sin daily. So a book on sin, guilt, repentance and God’s grace will always be relevant for the spiritual man or woman. Erwin Lutzer writes this book with a pastoral heart. I appreciate the tone of the book and early in the book uses the parable of the two sons to drive the point about God’s grace. The book also has a helpful discussion about the need to confess our sins and rectifying for our sins even if it means it is difficult and costly in paying back for things we have done. Another helpful point I got from the book is also the wisdom in how we confess our sins such as sins that only occur in our thought might at times be better off confessed to God if it didn’t happen in action against another person, since certain sins such as that of lust might end up causing more sin rather than being helpful to the other person.

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