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This came out yesterday and is currently #1 Best Seller in DC Comics & Graphic Novels (and rightly so!)

Frank Miller.  Batman: The Dark Knight: Master Race. Burbank, CA: DC Comics, September 19th, 2017. 376 pp.

5 out of 5

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Wow this work is just incredible.  This is definitely the best work on Batman released by DC for the year 2017; I think it would be up there with some of the best works on Batman.  This is the third volume in the famous Dark Knight Saga by Frank Miller, with the first one titled The Dark Knight Return and the second titled The Dark Knight Strikes Again.  With the release of Batman: The Dark Knight: Master Race it has been thirty one years since the first one began.  That’s thirty one year since Frank Miller wrote a story that has shaped Batman’s narrative and also have influenced the movies about Batman.  This third work is epic in the same fashion as The Dark Knight Return.


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Frank Miller Batman The Dark Knight Returns

Frank Miller. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. New York, NY: DC Comics, May 1st, 1997. 224 pp.

I’ve previously read the author’s work on Batman titled Batman: Year One.  That book was such a good story that I had high expectation of this book and I wasn’t disappointed.  I enjoyed this Graphic Novel.


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