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Here are links related to Presuppositional apologetics gathered between September 22nd-30th, 2016.

1.) Atheism Requires God: God Must Exist

2.) The Whole World is a Unit

3.) The Authority of Christ in Science

4.) Truth Always Wins

5.) McGrew on Van Til

6.) Youtube: Fred Butler On Presuppositional Apologetics

7.) Can evolution produce rational minds?

8.) Four Steps In Understanding Van Til

9.) September Ministry Update: Frontline Apologetics 2016


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About two years ago Fred Butler posted on his blog “Nine Basic Bullet Points for Presuppositional Apologetics.”  Apparently someone has made that available on Youtube.  While the video shows the word but it does not read aloud the article, nevertheless I’m glad that this is available to read on another forum.  Plus there’s music.


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Here are links related to Presuppositional Apologetics gathered between June 15th-21st, 2016.

1.) Transcendental argument

2.) The Case Against Atheism: Atheism Fails Because of What It Is

3.) Scapegoating Christians

4.) Thomistic Irony

5.) Some Reasons Why Atheism is Logically Incoherent

6.) Reformed Forum: The Trinity and Christian Paradox

7.) I Wrote This for You!


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This round up was a bit delayed because of my trip overseas.  Here are links concerning Presuppositional apologetics’ gathered between April 8th-14th, 2016.

1.) Why Creeds?

2.) BTWN Hangout: “I used to be an atheist”

3.) God’s Not Dead: The Book

4.) Bad Presup’: Guest Post by Michael Coughlin

5.) Antithetical starting points

6.) Richard Carrier has more waffles than IHOP

7.) 10 Things You Should Know About Francis Schaeffer



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We have a lot of links this time around!  Here’s the round up of links related to Presuppositional apologetics gathered between October 22nd-31st, 2015.


1.) Ultimate Collection of Free Presuppositional Apologetics Lectures

2.) Proofs for the Non-Existence of God

3.) On Inerrancy and the Biblical Use of Secondary Sources

4.) Van Til and Hermeneutics

5.) The Bahnsen Conference 2015 – Keynote Speaker David L Bahnsen

6.) Presuppositionalism/Evidentialism, and then Apologetically Useful Verses

7.) How Does Van Til Correct the Two Common Errors about Common Grace?

8.) 19 Turning Points in the History of Philosophy and Theology

9.) Apologia Radio #146 – Debate Review & An Invite to a Movie

10.) Dissertation on PDF: Preaching to Provoke a Worldview Change: Tim Keller’s Use of Presuppositional Apologetics in Preaching

11.) Three Guiding Principles that Motivate Everything Van Til Wrote


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These are links gathered between April 8th-14th, 2015.

1.) Twenty Ways to Answer A Fool [14]

2.) Frontline Apologetics 


4.) Credo Magazine: An Interview with Vern Poythress on the “Big Questions”

5.) Some Gappy Notes on Michael Rea’s World Without Design

6.) Review: Computer Science: Discovering God’s Glory in Ones and Zeros by Jonathan R. Stoddard


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These are links concerning Presuppositional apologetics gathered between February 8th-14th, 2015.

1.) Do You Believe? Powerful Evidence for the Claims of Jesus Christ

2.) Twenty Ways to Answer A Fool [12]

3.) How Do You Know the Scriptures are from God? One Testimony in the Early Church

4.) Collective Ethics – Morality by Consensus

5.) Speaking Assumes Morality

6.) Debating Dillahunty


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