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Here are links related to Presuppositional apologetics gathered between September 22nd-30th, 2016.

1.) Atheism Requires God: God Must Exist

2.) The Whole World is a Unit

3.) The Authority of Christ in Science

4.) Truth Always Wins

5.) McGrew on Van Til

6.) Youtube: Fred Butler On Presuppositional Apologetics

7.) Can evolution produce rational minds?

8.) Four Steps In Understanding Van Til

9.) September Ministry Update: Frontline Apologetics 2016


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About two years ago Fred Butler posted on his blog “Nine Basic Bullet Points for Presuppositional Apologetics.”  Apparently someone has made that available on Youtube.  While the video shows the word but it does not read aloud the article, nevertheless I’m glad that this is available to read on another forum.  Plus there’s music.


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Here are links related to Presuppositional Apologetics gathered between June 15th-21st, 2016.

1.) Transcendental argument

2.) The Case Against Atheism: Atheism Fails Because of What It Is

3.) Scapegoating Christians

4.) Thomistic Irony

5.) Some Reasons Why Atheism is Logically Incoherent

6.) Reformed Forum: The Trinity and Christian Paradox

7.) I Wrote This for You!


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This round up was a bit delayed because of my trip overseas.  Here are links concerning Presuppositional apologetics’ gathered between April 8th-14th, 2016.

1.) Why Creeds?

2.) BTWN Hangout: “I used to be an atheist”

3.) God’s Not Dead: The Book

4.) Bad Presup’: Guest Post by Michael Coughlin

5.) Antithetical starting points

6.) Richard Carrier has more waffles than IHOP

7.) 10 Things You Should Know About Francis Schaeffer



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We have a lot of links this time around!  Here’s the round up of links related to Presuppositional apologetics gathered between October 22nd-31st, 2015.


1.) Ultimate Collection of Free Presuppositional Apologetics Lectures

2.) Proofs for the Non-Existence of God

3.) On Inerrancy and the Biblical Use of Secondary Sources

4.) Van Til and Hermeneutics

5.) The Bahnsen Conference 2015 – Keynote Speaker David L Bahnsen

6.) Presuppositionalism/Evidentialism, and then Apologetically Useful Verses

7.) How Does Van Til Correct the Two Common Errors about Common Grace?

8.) 19 Turning Points in the History of Philosophy and Theology

9.) Apologia Radio #146 – Debate Review & An Invite to a Movie

10.) Dissertation on PDF: Preaching to Provoke a Worldview Change: Tim Keller’s Use of Presuppositional Apologetics in Preaching

11.) Three Guiding Principles that Motivate Everything Van Til Wrote


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These are links gathered between April 8th-14th, 2015.

1.) Twenty Ways to Answer A Fool [14]

2.) Frontline Apologetics 


4.) Credo Magazine: An Interview with Vern Poythress on the “Big Questions”

5.) Some Gappy Notes on Michael Rea’s World Without Design

6.) Review: Computer Science: Discovering God’s Glory in Ones and Zeros by Jonathan R. Stoddard


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These are links concerning Presuppositional apologetics gathered between February 8th-14th, 2015.

1.) Do You Believe? Powerful Evidence for the Claims of Jesus Christ

2.) Twenty Ways to Answer A Fool [12]

3.) How Do You Know the Scriptures are from God? One Testimony in the Early Church

4.) Collective Ethics – Morality by Consensus

5.) Speaking Assumes Morality

6.) Debating Dillahunty


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shotgun christmas

Here are links on Presuppositional apologetics gathered between December 21st-31st, 2014.

1.) My Concerns with Popular, Christian Worldview Apologetics

2.) Bill Nye’s New Book ‘Undeniable’ Denied

3.) Apologetics for the Average Christian: Saying “I Don’t Know”

4.) God’s Sovereignty Over Man’s Mind: A Look At Daniel 1-5 (Pt.1)

5.) Pushing the Antithesis – Book Review

6.) Atheism, consequentialism, and torture

7.) How Can I Know The Bible Is True?

Last installment (mirror site)

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These are Presuppositional apologetics’ links gathered from November 8th-14th, 2014.

1.) The Sex Trade and The Bible

2.) Refuting Bill Nye and Atheistic Evolutionists


4.) Faith and Reason: How Do They Work Together?

5.) The Atheist’s Mission: The Denial of ‘Why?’


Last installment: Early November 2014 Van Tillian Links

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We take a break from our series on “Missions, Culture and Being Biblical” for our regular Presuppositional apologetics’ links.  Tommorow we will pick up with that marathon series.

These links below were gathered between September 15th-21st, 2014.

The following are Presuppositional Apologetics’ links gathered

1.) Reviewing Adam Tucker’s Presuppositional Apologetic Critique [1]

2.) The Bible or the Qur’an: There’s No Comparison

3.) Natural Theology 1: Toward Clarity and Apologetics

4.) A Fond Farewell, but not Goodbye

5.) A book entitled “Presuppositionalism: A Biblical Approach to Apologetics” for free.

Truth For Homer’s Mirror of Mid-September 2014 Van Tillian Apologetics Links

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Here are some links on Presuppositional apologetics sometime between August 8th-24th, 2014.

1.) Twenty Ways to Answer A Fool [Introduction]

2.) Twenty Ways to Answer A Fool [1]

3.) Introduction to Apologetics Seminary Course

4.) On the Success of Secular Transcendental Arguments (Much Ado About Nothing)

5.) Early August 2014 Presuppositional Apologetics’ links Round Up

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Here are links on Presuppositional apologetics gathered from July 8th-14th, 2014.

1.) Clearing the Presuppositional Malaise

2.) Theological Memeology: Don’t Push ‘Religion’ on Me!


4.) The Biblical Basis for Presuppositional Apologetics

5.) Biblical Apologetics: Exegetical and Theological

6.) Militant Atheist Peter Boghossian Wants to Reprogram Christians into Atheists: Reeducation Camps is His Solution to Religion

7.) Book Recommendation: What’s Your Worldview? by James Anderson

Last Week’s: Early July 2014 Presuppositional Apologetics Round Up

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First day on the Internet Presup apologetics

For more Memes related to Presuppositional apologetics check our Album on our Facebook page HERE.

The following links are from January 1st-7th, 2014.  Lots of links for this time period, what a way to begin the New Year!

1.) Science and Religion: Dembski’s Proposal

2) Apologetic Evangelism 101: Readying Ourselves to Engage the World [Pt 2]



5.) Evidences and Apologetics: Joseph Torres review “Reasons We Believe

6.) Dr. Reluctant’s Review of ‘Covenantal Apologetics’ by Scott Oliphint

7.) Future Debate: Ken Ham vs Bill Nye on “Is creation a viable model of origins?”

8.) How I would Debate Bill Nye the UnScience Guy

9.) Sola Scriptura, Canon, and Rome: Dr. Michael Kruger on the Dividing Line

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George Zemek scholar

Readers to our blog will be familiar with the name George Zemek, a Calvinistic Dispensationalist engaged in Presuppositional apologetics that we have interviewed HERE and documented the table of content of his doctoral dissertation HERE.  His dissertation was on the exegetical and theological foundation for Presuppositional apologetics, with the title (you guessed it) of Exegetical and Theological Bases For a Consistently Presuppositional Approach to Apologetics.

I believe that it is a one of the best kept secret of exegetical support for Presuppositionalism that most Van Tillians aren’t familiar with due to Zemek’s Dispensationalism.   It ought to be better known beyond the immediate circle of Calvinistic Dispensationalists, especially with our current revival of Presuppositional apologetics and growing interests in Presuppositionalism’s exegetical and Scriptural basis.

Yesterday Fred Butler of Grace To You informs us in his personal blog that he took the time to scan Dr. Zemek’s dissertation and made it into a PDF!  That must have been some work since Zemek’s dissertation is big.

You can download the dissertation in PDF format if you click: Exegetical and Theological Bases For a Consistently Presuppositional Approach to Apologetics.

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flying house no foundation 1

I have not been recently able to keep abreast with Presuppositional apologetics links around the web due to important milestone events in my family’s life hence the delay in our regular installment of Presuppositional apologetics links.  Well, here are some links around the web that I noted.

Reference: God–Do Christians and non-Christians have a basis to refer to the same referent when they talk about “God”?

New Apologetics eBook – “Christianity Supreme—Defeating Non-Christian Worldviews”— Mike Robinson’s latest book!

What About the Heathen?–Very good article by Fred Butler examining the presuppositions of this common object and also evaluating this objection in light of a non-Christian worldview.

Original Sin and Depravity— This is one message from the Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary’s Spring Conference on Theology of Man that is up!

Christianity and Barthianism–Jared Oliphint on Van Til’s take on Karl Barth.

Profiles in apostasy–Steve Hays insightful thoughts.

Problems With Authority in Classical and Evidentialist Apologetics–The guys over at Choosing Hats have something to say about this.

Interview on Logic: A God-Centered Approach–An interview with Vern Poythress on his latest book!

Our Genes are Like ‘Ruthless Chicago Gangsters’— Gary DeMar on the problem of a materialistic worldview taken to it’s logical conclusion and it’s lack of ability to account for morality.

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