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In the past I have enjoyed Gary DeMar’s article on Comics and worldview published at American Vision.  I don’t necessarily agree with all their theology but I find them useful with apologetics.  Some of them were dated to 2009 but I’ve read them in the past in their worldview magazine much earlier than that.  I hope you guys enjoyed these articles:

1.) Popular Culture as a Worldview Wedge

2.) The Lost History of Superman

3.) Politically Correct Comics and the Homosexual Agenda

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I have not been recently able to keep abreast with Presuppositional apologetics links around the web due to important milestone events in my family’s life hence the delay in our regular installment of Presuppositional apologetics links.  Well, here are some links around the web that I noted.

Reference: God–Do Christians and non-Christians have a basis to refer to the same referent when they talk about “God”?

New Apologetics eBook – “Christianity Supreme—Defeating Non-Christian Worldviews”— Mike Robinson’s latest book!

What About the Heathen?–Very good article by Fred Butler examining the presuppositions of this common object and also evaluating this objection in light of a non-Christian worldview.

Original Sin and Depravity— This is one message from the Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary’s Spring Conference on Theology of Man that is up!

Christianity and Barthianism–Jared Oliphint on Van Til’s take on Karl Barth.

Profiles in apostasy–Steve Hays insightful thoughts.

Problems With Authority in Classical and Evidentialist Apologetics–The guys over at Choosing Hats have something to say about this.

Interview on Logic: A God-Centered Approach–An interview with Vern Poythress on his latest book!

Our Genes are Like ‘Ruthless Chicago Gangsters’— Gary DeMar on the problem of a materialistic worldview taken to it’s logical conclusion and it’s lack of ability to account for morality.

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Links around the web related to Presuppositional apologetics.  Most interesting is the first one concerning Gordon Clark and Cornelius Van Til’s reconciliation towards the end of their life.  Very interesting.

1.) Clark, Van Til and their Common Savior

2.) New E-Book: Defeating Relativism, Subjectivism, and Self-Refuting Statements

3.)  Veritas Domain Face Book Page!

4.) Atheists Have No Business Suing over Marriage (or Anything)

5.) Paul Kurtz: Will he be missed?

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I wrote this review some years ago.

For those who have been growing in their knowledge and application of defending the faith in Presuppositional Apologetics (that emphasize beginning from the Bible first, focus on epistemology[Theory of knowledge], Ultimate Standards and authority, etc) one might find that over time it can be difficult to lay out everything with what Presuppositional Apologetics has to offer in a concise introduction. Several months ago, this writer have begun pondering about what book he can recommend as an introduction for those who might be interested for the interested but non-technical reader.

“Thinking Straight in a Crooked World” would serve as a good book as an introduction to General Apologetics from a Presuppositional Apologetics perspective. Many people who have been intimidated by the works of Van Til and Bahnsen either by the length of their books, the language in their writing, or the philosophical bent to their literature would find that “Thinking Straight in a Crooked WOrld” would help fill this gap for a ‘beginner’s book’.

The book begins with the Ultimate Authority of the Word of God when we pursue apologetics. Having laid out the Biblical mandate to defend the Christian faith from the Bible, it then goes on to articulate what a worldview is and how everyone has a worldview (whether we call it religion, philosophy or ‘the way we explain the world’.)

The Chapter titled “Worldview Building Blocks” laid out what every worldview have as presuppositions about this world: what the reality and nature of the material world is (Physics), the nature of things that exist (Metaphysics), how we know things (epistemology) and how we determine right and wrong (ethics).

Throughout the book it is laced with great illustrations and a good of amount of quotes from atheists and critics. It offers in different chapters in the book a general critique of various worldview such as Eastern Religion, Secular Rationalism, and trends and ideas of pop culture.

In addition, author Gary DeMar devotes several chapters to the post-Rationalism’s cultural fad with the occultic, UFO-ology, the para-normal, demonology, etc. This was a rather interesting twist to the flow of the book unlike other Presuppositional Apologetics book that this reviewer have thus read so far. Yet, critiquing the para-normal and the occult has its place given where our culture is heading towards today.

The book concludes with an optimistic chapter of how Post-Modernism (being self-refuting) will eventually collapse as an ideology and Christianity has a chance to fill its void in the battle place of Ideas and ultimate commitment.

A true grasp of this book would assist any reader into further understanding in other apologetics literature.

Purchase: Westminster | Amazon

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Gary DeMar of American Vision, who was a disciple of the Christian apologist Greg Bahnsen, comments about Casey Anthony’s trial.

As one can see, the issue of philosophy of evidence (criteria of evidence) is very crucial.   This is a good point to be reminded the importance of Presuppositional Apologetics in the defense of the Christian faith.

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For those of you who have been hearing left wing liberals rhethorics that the responsibility of the tragic shooting at Tuscon lies with Conservative political rhetorics, it’s a sad cheap shot ploy to learn that a suspect can be innocent before proven guilty and yet some can make a leap in their conclusion to blame those on the other side of the political paradigm for being responsible for the shooting.  Never mind that the guy Jared Lee Lougner is a Statist (definitely not a Conservative value) whose list of favorite book includes the Communist Manifesto.  For the record, I don’t blame any Democrats, I think the guy is just a nut.

Over at the Christian worldview ministry of American Vision, there has been an interesting turn of events.

On January 14th, one of their writers wrote a piece responding to the slanderous lies of the left leaning Mother Jones, which has published an erroneous piece against their organization.

What I thought was ironic was how the Left gives rhetoric that the promotion of fears and lies by Conservatives are evil but don’t reprimand their own for doing it.

This hypocrisy and the problem of the Leftist argument was then pointed out in a piece by Gary DeMar on January 17th.

The next day, January 18th, American Vision got in the mail a letter with a threat and white powder.

Using the same line of reasoning that the Left use against the Right, is the Left’s rhetoric of fear and lies now make them responsible for their spew of hate?

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Gary DeMar of American Vision has this video up on Youtube concerning Frank Schaeffer

On this blog I have posted in the past concerning Frank Schaeffer, including useful links and my writing concerning the reasoning behind his angry rhetoric here and here

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Fascinating observation by Gary DeMar, concerning the health care debate


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Greg Bahnsen’s “lost” book is due to come out any time next week now!
I’ve already pre-ordered it.


It will be co-published with American Vision and Covenant Media Foundation

A discussion of this book, with Gary DeMar and Joel McDurmon can be seen here at the Gary DeMar Show: http://www.americanvision.org/media/download/the-lost-book-of-greg-bahnsen/

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Gary DeMar has an interesting piece at American Vision’s Website that puts pollution that result from Transportation in perspective


Something to chew on and think about

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I came across a ICE’s website, discovering a large amount of free books available (90 to be exact) in HTML or PDF format. As reminder you can get more free books by clicking above on E-books. Here’s the list: (more…)

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The book will be out later in the fall and is critical against the Evangelical Right.

Its like the trend always to bash Christianity or Evangelical Christians.

What is interesting is that the author is Frank Schaeffer, son of the famous Francis Schaeffer.

Gary DeMar wrote a review of it here:


FOr more background about Frank, Gary North wrote an interesting polemical piece back in 1992 at


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