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Here are the videos from 2o15’s Bahnsen Conference.  The Bahnsen conference celebrates the life of Greg Bahnsen, a pastor, theologian and apologist for the Christian faith.

Note: I do not necessarily agree with everything theologically but Greg Bahnsen has been used by God to change my life.

There are twelve videos:


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Here are the links gathered from the Internet between December 8th-14th, 2015 concerning the topic of Presuppositional apologetics.

1.) Truth Requires God

2.) Worldview: Atheistic Dualism

3.) In Memory of, Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen. Twenty Years Ago Today by his son

4.) Van Til Quote: Now he stands on his feet

5.) Greg L. Bahnsen — December 11, 1995

6.) I just go one marriage further


8.) Worldview: Materialism


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These are links concerning Presuppositional apologetics gathered from December 1st-7th, 2015.

1.) Rich Bargas: Humility in Defending the Faith

2.) Presuppositional Objectivity

3.) Bertrand’s Blunderbuss

4.) November Ministry Update: Frontline Apologetics

5.) Encounter of Jerusalem With Athens — Greg Bahnsen

6.) The Psychological Complexity of Unbelief


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I never understand the atheist game of saying they have no faith or belief.

So here’s this clip from the recent “The Existence and Attributes of GOD Debate” from the 2015 Bahnsen Conference in Southern California:

Sye handles it and someone made a short Thug Life video out of it.

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How has God revealed Himself? Part 1

question theology foundation

Here in this fourth and final outline of this series we are in part two of how has God made Himself known.


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veritas domain presuppositional apologetics round up charger

These are links that touches on Presuppositional apologetics gathered from November 8th-14th, 2015.

1.) Van Til’s Correspondence and Coherence Theory of Truth

2.) Reason is Necessary But Unbeknownst to Bart Ehrman It Requires God

3.) The Perspicuity of Natural Revelation

4.) P&R Interview with Vern Poythress


6.) P&R Interview with John Frame


Missed the last round up?Check out the re-blogged post from a friend

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This was a recent debate titled “The Existence and Attributes of GOD Debate” during the Bahnsen Conference 2015 at Branch of Hope Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Torrance CA.  It was a three on three debate between three Christians and three atheists.

The three Christians were Pastor Paul Viggiano, Sye Tenbruggencate and Jeff Durbin.  They employed Van Tillian apologetics as popularized by Greg Bahnsen.

Enjoy the video!

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