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Seems like there was a lot of activity concerning Presuppositional activity on the internet from last week.

1.) Truth Wins Once Again Via Presuppositional Apologetics– Jamin Hubner comments on a recent debate.

2.) Actual transcript and audio (for a limited time) of Sye’s July 11th, 20011 debate.

3.) Praxis Presup Audio Podcast episode 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10– Review of Sye’s July 11th debate.

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This article by the young Jamin Hubner on “What is Information?” published with Reformed Perspective Magazine.


This is written from a Van Tillian perspective.

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This series of Lecture is by Jamin Hubner.  Most of you who know him, know him through his website Realapologetics.org and also as one of the blogger’s in Alpha Omega Ministries.  This series of lectures was for the Jesus Bible Institute at Rapid City, South Dakota.

Introduction to Christian Apologetics (Jesus Bible Institute)

Hubner – 2 – Apologetics in the NT I.mp3
Hubner – 3 – Apologetics in the NT II and Nature of Unbelief II.mp3
Hubner – 4 – Nature of Unbelief II.mp3
Hubner – 5 – Collision of Worldviews.mp3
Hubner – 6 – Apologetic Methodology I.mp3
Hubner – 7 – Apologetic Methodology II.mp3
Hubner – 8 – The Content of our Apologetic.mp3
Hubner – 9 – Historical Apologetics I.mp3
Hubner – 10 – Historical Apologetics II.mp3
Hubner – 11 – Historical Apologetics III.mp3
Hubner – 12 – Critical Thinking I.mp3
Hubner – 13 – Critical Thinking II.mp3
Hubner – 14 – Apologetics Battlefields I.mp3
Hubner – 15 – Apologetics Battlefields II.mp3

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