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Here’s an older debate with Jeff Durbin and Vocab Malone that Vocab has recently uploaded on his Youtube channel.  The two of them teamed up to debate two opponents concerning the worldview of Christianity and atheism.

What Jeff Durbin does is an example of Presuppositional apologetics in action.


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Jeff Durbin is a pastor in Arizona who is also a Christian who engages actively in evangelism and apologetics.

Here he takes on the question “Does Atheistic Morality Make Sense?”

Here’s a taste of Presuppositional apologetics.

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Two Christian brothers whom I appreciate for their ministry discuss about abortion from a Christian worldview.

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Pastor and apologist Jeff Durbin has given a message last month that I somehow missed on Mormonism.

Here’s the video description:

Don’t miss this important message delivered by Jeff Durbin at a conference on Christian Apologetics. Jeff Durbin, of Apologia Church/Radio/TV, spoke on how to engage our Mormon friends, family, and neighbors.


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Here’s Pastor Jeff Durbin teaching on “How to Completely Refute Atheism.”

This was Jeff Durbin’s teaching from a conference a few weeks ago called the READY conference.


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Here’s the end of June 2016 Presuppositional Apologetics’ Links gathered between June 22nd-30th, 2016.

1.) Selected Reasons Why I Know God Certainly Exists

2.) All knowledge rests on revelation

3.) Video: Absolute Proof of Christianity by Jeff Durbin

4.) Applied Apologetics

5.) Is there Proof for the Existence of God?

6.) “Rules for sex”


Missed the last round up?  Check out the re-blogged post from a friend OR that of Another REBLOG HERE

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This was a recent debate titled “The Existence and Attributes of GOD Debate” during the Bahnsen Conference 2015 at Branch of Hope Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Torrance CA.  It was a three on three debate between three Christians and three atheists.

The three Christians were Pastor Paul Viggiano, Sye Tenbruggencate and Jeff Durbin.  They employed Van Tillian apologetics as popularized by Greg Bahnsen.

Enjoy the video!

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