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History of Western Philosophy John Frame

John Frame. A History of Western Philosophy and Theology.  Phillipsburg, NJ: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing, October 23rd, 2015. 864 pp.

This year (2015) is one of John Frame’s most productive year in terms of the quantity and quality of books published.  For many the most anticipated book among them is probably A History of Western Philosophy and Theology.  The following is my review of this book.

If there is anyone today that is qualified to give a biblical evaluation and exposition of Western philosophy and how it shapes theology it would be John Frame.  This book is the result of the author’s experience with teaching and writing on philosophy, theology and apologetics over the last few decades.  Like other works by Frame I appreciate his commitment to Scripture and the Christian worldview.  At the same time Frame is knowledgeable of philosophy.  Frame is a great model of a Christian scholar:  He is charitable but does not shy away from refuting error.  All this contribute towards making this work a great book.


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How has God revealed Himself? Part 1

question theology foundation

Here in this fourth and final outline of this series we are in part two of how has God made Himself known.


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knight armor

The blog True Forms (http://trueforms.wordpress.com) used to have a popular post titled “Ultimate Collection of Free Presuppositional Apologetics Lectures” that was heavily promoted on Social Media.  Unfortunately the blog owner has recently deleted his blog account.  Which is unfortunate if you are looking for great lectures on Presuppositional apologetics online.

I’ve been digging around online to reconstruct that original list.  I have also decided to post the listing with further expansion of other lectures!  This is a work in progress.

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Also if there are more resources that you feel should be included on here, please let us know in the comment box.

Camden Bucey
1. Defending the Faith

Shane Kastler
1. Expositional Apologetics

Fred Butler
1. Apologetics Evangelism 101

Jonathan Harris
1. Apologetics Sunday School Class 2011

Brian Rickett
1. Presuppositional Apologetics 2014 Paschal Lectures by Brian Rickett (Videos)


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Here are links on Presuppositional apologetics gathered from the world wide web between October 1st-7th, 2015!

1.) A History of Western Philosophy and Theology by John Frame – Analytical Outline

2.) A Quote from John Frame’s Upcoming Book: A History of Western Philosophy and Theology

3.) Robots in the brain – will we become gods?


5.) What of Christ and Culture? Conference Schedule

6.) Mormonism and the Trinity


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John Frame quote cover history of philosophy

The above is a sneak peak from an upcoming book.  Those who love Philosophy, Theology and Presuppositional apologetics (the school of apologetics taught by Cornelius Van Til) should look forward to John Frame’s upcoming new book “A History of Western Philosophy and Theology.”  John Frame has taught on theology and the Christian worldview for decades and has a sharp mind while being biblically faithful.  I think the quote from Frame above is insightful.  Lord willing our review of this book will come soon in the next few weeks.  Stay tune for it!

You can pre-order the book through Amazon by clicking HERE.  It should be available November 13th, 2015.

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These are links related to Presuppositional apologetics gathered from September 22nd-30th, 2015.

1.) The Proof and Evidence for God is Overwhelming pt 1

2.) John Frame free MP3: Inerrancy – A Place to Live

3.) Apologetics and Your Kids (Pt.10) – Another Slogan

4.) Videos: God Keep Our Land Apologetics Conference 2015

5.) September Ministry Update: Frontline Apologetics

6.) Steve Hays look at an atheist: On the Beach

7.) Foreword to Apologetics: A Justification of Christian Belief


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These are links concerning Presuppositional Apologetics gathered between September 8th-15th, 2015.

1.) The Powerful Reasons to Know Christianity is True: Part I

2.) Cold Case Christianity by J. Warner Wallace – A Brief Review

3.) The Confusion of Confucius

4.) Presuppositional Apologetics and Mormonism: Jeff Durbin’s Apologia Academy

5.) Why Non-Christian Education Fails: Godless Education

6.) After the dust settles



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