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Why I Am A Christian Stott

John R.W. Stott.  Why I Am A Christian.  Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, December 12th 2003. 140 pp.

The title of the book mimics atheist Bertrand Russell’s (in)famous essay, “Why I am not a Christian” which was also the title for Russell’s book that was a compilation of Russell’s other essays on religion and Christianity.  Here in this book the author John Stott presents his reasons of why he is a Christian.  This book is an adaptation of a four part series of lectures Stott has delivered concerning why he believes in Christianity which here is expanded into seven chapters.



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Same-Sex Partnerships Christian contribution to contemporary debate by John R.W. Stott

John Stott has written a lot of books for Christians.  He has also written a booklet on Same Sex Partnership.  That booklet is available for free online!

From the back cover here’s the book’s description:

Many people think that homosexuality is a Christian option and churches are divided on the issue. John Stott surveys the contemporary arguments supporting monogamous homosexual relationships and tests them against Scripture. He explains clearly, yet with compassion, why same-sex partnerships are less than God intends for human intimacy. At the same time he calls the church to reach out to all with Christ’s love.

You can access it by clicking HERE.  It is in Html format as a webpage.

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Basic Christianity John Stott

Purchase: Westminster | Amazon

I know we have focused a lot last month on the problems of Charismatics, Pentecostals, Word of Faith and Prosperity Gospel preachers.  We don’t just want to say what’s wrong but we also want to encourage people to look more towards Christ than all the other superfluous “glitters” in some Charismatic quarters.

One book we would recommend is Basic Christianity; it’s important for us yet once again to be reminded of the pure faith in Christ and the Gospel.

I was expecting this book to be a mini-systematic theology, an introduction to the fundamental doctrines of Christianity but it turned out to be quite a devotional and worshipful read that largely focused on the question of “Who is Jesus?” John Stott paints a beautiful portrait of Jesus Christ from the Scriptures and must definitely read it to see how challenging, wonderful, and awesome Jesus Christ truly is. This work is evangelistic, being conscious of nonbelievers reading this work while remaining faithful to the Scriptures in a winsome manner. In fact, it’s clear that Stott wishes that it would be the Scriptures and the verse cited that will do it’s work in the readers. Again, a great book and also practical towards the end of how to walk in Christ after one comes to repentance and trust in Jesus. Even older Christians will benefit from the work’s discussion about Jesus. There’s a reason why this work has been a classic for over fifty years and I’m glad I got around to reading it.

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