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Two weeks ago I wrote a post on gay “pastor” Jordan Brown Alleged Homosexual Discrimination Cake Turns out to be Fraud.

I found his Twitter and tweeted that post to him, calling him to repent.

I also found his twitter has multiple times this picture:

jordan brown thrown his mind out of window


I think what he has to say in the picture is rather cliche and superficial.


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I don’t what it is but it seems there are some within the LGBTQ community that is obsessed with politicizing things with cakes and bakery.

Earlier this week a so-called Pastor name Jordan Brown who is a homosexual accused Whole Foods of writing an anti-gay slur on his cake.  You can watch his original video here:

It’s turning out that things are not as simple as Jordan Brown claim, and I think its safe to say that his claims are problematic if not down right fraudulent.


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