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It’s the Lord’s Day…and Day Light Saving!

So to save time since it’s a duty day as a pastor and preacher I thought I share this video from Ligon Duncan.  It’s on his remembrance of his early days in ministry.  It’s worth listening to for those who are younger pastors new to the ministry.

Enjoy this video.  And may those who are in the ministry continue you growing in grace and remaining humble and loving of our churches!

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Shepherds Conference

The audio MP3s of the 2016 Shepherd’s Conference is now available online at Grace Community Church’s website!  It seems like they just have loaded it up and there isn’t a one central link for the series for the 2016 Conference just yet.

Here are the links!

General Session 1 with JOHN MACARTHUR

General Session 2 with PHIL JOHNSON

General Session 3 with STEVE LAWSON

General Session 4 with LIGON DUNCAN

General Session 5 with NATHAN BUSENITZ

General Session 6 with AL MOHLER

General Session 7 with TOM PENNINGTON


General Session 9 with PAUL WASHER

General Session 10 with JOHN MACARTHUR


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Shepherds Conference

The Shepherd’s Conference is officially over.  This was one of the most encouraging conference I’ve been to in the last 8 years.  As people are waiting for the audios and videos to be uploaded online for now we’ll make do with the notes from The Master’s Seminary Liveblog of the Conference.

Here’s the list:

Conference Liveblog: Wed. Morning (MacArthur)

Conference Liveblog: Wed. Evening (Duncan)

Conference Liveblog: Thurs. Evening (Mohler)

Conference Liveblog: Fri. Morning (Pennington)

Conference Liveblog: Fri. Afternoon (Washer)

Conference Liveblog: Fri. Evening (MacArthur)


If you watch the conference, which sermons did you enjoyed?

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This was a powerful sermon tonight from Ligon Duncan at the Shepherd’s Conference.

Here’s my rough notes.

Ligon Duncan’s Sermon: How do we know God is for us?

Romans 8:32

Four points:

  1. The Father’s Love
  2. The Son’s Worth
  3. Wrath’s Curse
  4. Grace’s Substitute

There are very few sentences more profound than the sentence in Romans 8:32.  This is true even in consideration of other passages in the Bible.

Paul wrote these words in order to shepherd and feed the people God has called him to minister to.  It is meant for the people of God.  It is meant for our good.

Herman Bavinck’s massive study began his study on the doctrine of God with these words:  “Mystery, is absolutely essential to Dogmatics.”  Why?  Because God is infinite and will stretch our imagination and that is a good thing.  If we comprehend everything about God, it couldn’t be true.  There is a mystery in this passage.

There’s a third reason to wrestle with deep things of the verse:  It was given for a very practical purpose.  It answers the question how do we know God is for us?  You want to know why God is for you?  Listen to this: “He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him over for us all, how will He not also with Him freely give us all things?” (Romans 8:32)


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Live Blog from Shepherd’s Conference.

(Note: I did not have my power cord for Shepherd’s Conference and had to rely on my a less reliable electronic device, hence the poor formatting and rough note-taking in my previous posts)

2 Timothy 3:14-17

Setting: Paul reminding Timothy his calling

Establish the Need: The people in this conference probably believe in inerrancy so why this message?  It is to encourage you

History of Reformed Theological Seminary is founded on funds originally for the cause of having a professor that believes in inerrancy.

3 points:

1.) What the bible is
2.) What the bible is for
3.) What the bible does

1.) What the bible is
“All scripture is God breathed”
What is “inspired”? It does not tells the means but the result
The bible is inspired because it inspired me; that’s not what Paul is talking about (subjective theory of inspiration)
Inspiration is about the words
We believed the bible is inspired and thus it’s inerrant and not the other way around
You must move from what scripture says about itself before learning of its phenomena

2.) What the bible is for
Profitable; how?

  • Teaching
  • Reproof
  • Correction
  • Training in Righteousness

3.) What the bible does

Lead us to the way of life
The bible is in the business of justification and sanctification
We know that we can’t obey what we won’t believe but do you know we won’t believe what we won’t believe

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Shepherds Conference

Recovering from this year’s Shepherd’s Conference.  It was so encouraging, edifying and equipping!

The last evening on Friday John MacArthur made a major announcement that Shepherd’s Conference next year’s theme is going to be on the doctrine of Inerrancy.

There’s going to be a lot of big name speakers (not that it’s big name in of itself is important, but names of men whom God have used mightedly because of their faithfulness).  It’s anticipated to be the biggest Shepherd’s Conference ever.

Here’s the promotional video:

There’s going to be RC Sproul, Ligon Duncan, Sinclair Ferguson, Paige Patterson, Carl Trueman, Al Mohler, etc.

It’s going to be March 3rd-8th, 2015.

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Imagine powerhouse theologians Ligon Duncan, Sinclair Ferguson, Robert Godfrey, Stephen Nichols, Richard Pratt, and R.C.Sproul all in one place having a discussion about Christology today!  Now watch this video.

I appreciated the Presbyterian Church of America and Ligonier making this available!

(HT: Jeff Downs)

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