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Every year there is a big Pastor’s conference where pastors and church leaders who believe in faithful expository preaching and the Biblical Gospel meet in Southern California call the Shepherd’s Conference.  It will be on March 4-6.

I have been blessed in the past by the fellowship, preaching and good food in this conference in the past.  I won’t be going to it this year.

Anyone on here that is going?

Here is the schedule:


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I’m here blogging at the Shepherd’s Conference.  Mark Dever, Pastor at Capital Hill Baptist Church taught a seminar on how to build a healthy church.  It was very edifying and helpful.

Here are the top 5 quotes form his message.


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First off before I share my review I want to welcome all those who have recently found our blog on Monergism.com.  We are a blog that is intent on covering apologetics, Christian worldview and theology with posts on book reviews, resources and our own written content.  Feel free to subscribe and bookmark our page for daily posts!

Mark Dever and Paul Alexander. The Deliberate Church.  Wheaton, IL: Crossway, September 9th 2005.  221 pp.

5 out of 5

Purchase: Westminster Amazon

Both authors Mark Dever and Paul Alexander have written a helpful book for pastors and church leaders on doing church ministry according to the Bible and centered on the Gospel.  As the book states on page 28, “The Gospel alone shapes and evaluate must both shape and evaluate any ministry method we use.”  This is a great antidote to the seeker sensitive church method or other marketing gimmick that is driven more by man-centered pragmatisms instead of the Word of God.  I love how this book is both biblical and practical since I believe there is a real need of resources on practical ecclesiology (doctrine of the church).  Too often one find two kinds of extreme: practical works without it being biblical or biblical works on the church without a deeper practical picture of what does it look like.  Dever and Alexander writes from being biblically informed and years of wisdom and experience which through their 9 Marks ministry have greatly helped many other local churches including the one I minister at.


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A few days ago I listened to a sermon by Mark Dever for this year’s Together For the Gospel’s Conference in which Dever spoke on “Endurance Needed Strength for a Slow Reformation and the Dangerous Allure of Speed.”  I thank Vincent for sharing them with us!  I was blessed by the message and while it wasn’t expository preaching Mark Dever instead shared some important wisdom as to why pastors, church leaders (and by application, all of us) needs patience and aim for slow progress rather than believe the lie that many and quick is the goal.

It is a longer message but I listened to it while doing other things.  I was blessed and perhaps you would too!


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Here’s today’s “Church Sunday” post.

This is a short video clip on Church membership by the guys of Nine Mark Ministries.  It’s on church membership.

I’ll be sharing a bit more on church membership the next few Sundays.

Enjoy the Lord’s Day!

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The Gospel and Personal Evangelism Dever

Mark Dever. The Gospel and Personal Evangelism.  Wheaton, IL: Crossway, September 7th, 2007. 124 pp.

I was reading this book together with a brother from church and found this to be a helpful resource.  I appreciated the tone of the book since it was pastoral, biblical and loving towards the Lord and those who don’t believe.  I enjoyed this book enough to went ahead and purchase a few copies for other members of my church for Christmas.


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truth and life conference

The Master’s College every year has a wonderful conference called “Truth and Life Conference.”  This year’s topic was on the subject of “Practicing the Biblical “One Anothers.””  It was held on January 14th-16th, 2015.

Below are the audios from the conference.  Enjoy!

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Shepherds Conference


The Audios for the 2014 General Sessions of the Shepherd’s Conference has been uploaded online!  I’m waiting for the Seminars to be put online.

I can’t wait for the 2015 Shepherd’s Conference already!

General Session I — John MacArthur

General Session II — Phil Johnson

General Session III — Mark Dever

General Session VI — Al Mohler

General Session VII — Tom Pennington

General Session IX — John MacArthur

General Session VIII — Steve Lawson

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Shepherds Conference

What follows is my notes from the evening service of the first night of Shepherd’s Conference 2014.  The speaker was Mark Dever.

Establishing the need: How are you brother pastors?

There are those here tonight in ministry who are:

  • The Resigned
  • The Hopeless

Isaiah has a Word for you.  Turn to Isaiah 34-35.


  • Chapters 1-11 Warns Judah
  • Chapters 12-27, God’s call to repent
  • Chapters 28 onwards, Judah Judged
  • Recurring theme: Judgment and Salvation


  • Chapter 34 Judgment
  • Chapter 35 Salvation


Do you feel you are about to give into fear of days ahead?

  1. Hold on, God’s judgement is coming (Chapter 34)
    • It will be universal (v.1-4)
      • Don’t forget when God waits to vindicate, He waits to vindicate His name!
      • He has more of an incentive to vindicate His name than just vindicate us!  We need to remember that.
    • It’s for us (v.5-8)
    • It’s is final (v.9-17)
      • Real description here but also pictures of future judgment
      • Look at verse 10, “forever.”
    • Application: Know that God’s judgment never ned but our trials do.
  1. Hold on, God’s Salvation is coming (Chapter 35)
    • Wilderness/desert will bcome like spring again
    • Glory of nature restored, a window of God’ glory (v.2b)
    • This include the justice of God
    • Hebrews 12 quotes Isaiah 35:4, which is the point of the whole book of Isaiah
    • God is a bigger problem one will face, and also a bigger solution than that the nations poses
    • Application: Remember the fullness of God’s goodness


We need to preach this “Judgment/Salvation” today.  This is not strange, rememebr Jesus’ prayer “Thy Kingdom Come,” would does that mean?

God will put an end to all injustice.

Look at verse eight, note “highway” is a highway to God.  We of course know Jesus is the Way to God.

Look at verse ten, we have singing.

Let not the enemy win, let us go through our trials in a way that glorifies God, let us rejoice in God in our suffering.

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Shepherds Conference


This upcoming week we will be blogging through some of the sessions from the Shepherd’s Conferences which takes place between March 5th-7th, 2014 at Grace Community Church pastored by John MacArthur.

Keynote speakers include Al Mohler, Mark Dever, Steve Lawson and Phil Johnson.

I heard also this year that Paul Washer is doing a seminar session on the Great Commission as a Theological Endeavor.

Stay Tune!

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Shepherds Conference


This is a Conference that I look forward to every year.

There was a bit of a delay on their website with putting up the schedule but here it is finally!

Which sessions will you be going to?


8:00 am Registration
10:00 am

General Session 1: John MacArthur

11:30 am Lunch*
1:30 pm

Seminar Session 1

The Grand Itinerant
How the Preaching Ministry of George Whitefield Sparked the Great Awakening
Steve Lawson
Worship Center
Lessons from a Fellow Elder
Principles for Spiritual Leadership from the Life of Peter
Dave Muxlow
What’s Missing from Your Church Service?
Recovering the Two Most Neglected Components of Public Worship
Austin Duncan
J Basement
These Rocks Cry Out
Recent Archaeological Discoveries That Confirm the Bible
Michael Grisanti
Resident Evil
A Biblical Counselor’s Battle Plan for Fighting the Flesh
Carey Hardy
The New Antinomianism
Evaluating the Implications of Cross-centered Sanctification
Jerry Wragg
Red Light, Green Light
The Dos and Don’ts of an Effective Children’s Ministry
Matt White
Spanish Track
La Primacía de la Verdad Bíblica
Henry Tolopilo
2:45 pm Break
3:15 pm

General Session 2: Phil Johnson

4:30 pm Dinner Break
7:00 pm

General Session 3: Mark Dever


9:00 am

General Session 4: John MacArthur

10:15 am Break
10:45 am

General Session 5: Keynote Q&A

Noon Lunch*
2:00 pm

Seminar Session 2

Homosexuality and the Gospel
Al Mohler
Worship Center
The Glories of the Kingdom
Why Premillennialism Must Be True
Michael Vlach
What Nicodemus Should Have Known
Rediscovering the New Birth in the Old Testament
Bill Barrick
J Basement
One Nation under God?
Today’s Church and the Founding of America
Gregg Fazer
Diagnosing Dead Orthodoxy
How to Cultivate a Church That Loves Others as Much as It Loves Systematic Theology
Chris Mueller
Exegetical Malpractice
A Biblical Response to the Continuationist Position on Healing
Richard Mayhue
Spanish Track
La Primacía de la Verdad Bíblica y la Consejería
Michael Mahoney
3:15 pm Break
3:45 pm

Seminar Session 3

Boundaries and Bridges
Keeping the Faith and Guarding the Flock while Reaching the World
Phil Johnson
Worship Center
Turning Members into Ministers
How to Inspire Your People to Greater Involvement
Scott Ardavanis
When Home Is Where the Hurt Is
Counseling Families Affected by Spousal Abuse
John Street
J Basement
Hope, Holiness and Homosexuality
A Biblical Strategy for Shepherding Struggling Christians
Bill Shannon
Small Church, Big Impact
Embracing the Advantages of a Smaller Congregation
Lance Quinn
Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Leading with Grace through Difficult Times
Chris Hamilton
Spanish Track
La Primacía de la Verdad Bíblica y el Evangelio
David Robles
5:00 pm Dinner Break
7:00 pm

General Session 6: Al Mohler


9:00 am

General Session 7: Tom Pennington

10:15 am Break
10:45 am

Seminar Session 4

The Great Commission as a Theological Endeavor Paul Washer
Worship Center
Closet Cessationists
How Continuationism Actually Affirms That the Miraculous Gifts Have Passed Away
Nathan Busenitz
Youth Ministy Q and A Austin Duncan, Andrew Gutteirrez, Andrew Curry, Chris Hamilton
J Basement
Where Loyalty meets Logistics
How to Excel as an Associate Pastor
Michael Mahoney
Shepherding Cyber Sin
How to Help Your People Overcome Common Online Temptations
Tom Patton
As a Dying Man to Dying Men
Preaching with Passion for the Honor of Christ
Alex Montoya
Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs
How to organize a music ministry in your church
Clayton Erb
Choir Room
Spanish Track
La Primacía de la Verdad Bíblica y el Ministerio Pastoral
Luis Contreras
Noon Lunch*
2:00 pm

General Session 8: Steve Lawson

4:00 pm Dinner Break
7:00 pm

General Session 9: John MacArthur

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Purchase: Amazon

Good book, especially with its emphasis that a healthy church is also the responsibility of the members of the church. However, while the book was intended for a general Christian audience, those in leadership will benefit reading it. In a day and age of “doing” church in so many innovative ways apart from Scripture, this is a refreshing read for those who desire to see a church grow biblically. Mark Dever writes this from the context of pastoring and ministering in his church, and this makes him all the more insightful. Having gone through this book with our church’s men small group, I find the chapter that has been helpful in the context of our ministry has been the chapter on church membership and also the chapter on church discipline. These two marks of a healthy church, and Dever does a good job of establishing church membership as the pre-requisite for church discipline. Those who are from other ecclessiatical background will definitely see the Reformed Baptist bent here. It is also helpful that Dever put the discussion of church discipline in the context of edifying the saints, and to build one another up in the faith. The dimension of spiritual growth is itself one of the nine marks that Dever goes over.

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